Many of us are already thinking about the holiday menus, but the imminent Christmas can distract us and prevent us from enjoying the final stretch of the fall mushroom season to the fullest. Depending on in which areas we can still find fantastic wild mushrooms, collected by us or in trusted shops, and we can also taste setera recipes with specimens of culture, frozen or dehydrated.

There are wild mushrooms also in other times, and despite this we still want more in these autumn weeks. We are that basic, but it is what the body demands and that utopian nostalgia that leads us to yearn for somewhat fanciful ideal realities. Mushrooms, chestnuts, pumpkin, sweet potato, quince … we love autumn products.

That is why we dedicate the latter Walk around the cuisine of the network to a special menu of mushrooms and fungi, with recipes that we have been finding in the blogosphere and that are worth recovering at this time. The best thing is that almost all of them can be prepared with the mushrooms that we have on hand or more like them, so there are no excuses that are worth.

Starters and appetizers

We start this menu with some very simple appetizers that we could incorporate into our Christmas proposals. In Being Biotiful Chloé proposes us a vegan toast with mushrooms and hummus, seasoned with coconut milk, thyme and truffle, while Macu de I have an oven and I know how to use it has its version with brie cheese, mushrooms and spinach. The two ideas would make a great pair on the same snack tray at any celebration.

Toast mushrooms & hummus from Being Biotiful.

From the recipes that Yolanda has in her veteran blog Cocido de Sopa we are this time with some rich mushroom and olive rollsWell, we would not like them to fall into oblivion. In his day he lovingly paid tribute to Sonia by adapting one of her recipes, and both versions are most palatable to us. Another great snack perfect for the holidays, or any day.

From Paula, the great cook and photographer behind With the claws in the dough, we chose a comforting and tasty starter such as the truffled meatballs with mushroom sauceIdeal when served in glasses, but that can also be presented on plates or bowls, depending on the occasion.

Caesar salad

Caesar salad ea! scored by Xabier Gutiérrez Cocinero when we have the information.

At Chez Silvia we can learn to prepare an exquisite chanterelle oilrossinyols), which would surely be very rich also with other mushrooms. It also teaches us to take advantage of the mushrooms to make a very easy dish with candied egg yolk. That oil would be a magnificent dressing for the “Caesar salad ea!“by Xabier Gutiérrez cook, with amanitas caesarean sections and presented on a nice slice of bread.

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Main dishes and with substance

Mushrooms enrich a stew, soup or rice like few other vegetable ingredients, and they do magic when we combine them with legumes. That is why we love dishes as traditional as Fricando veal that María José and Víctor teach us in MJ’s recipes, with veal llata (“poor man’s sirloin”) and using chanterelles and chanterelles.


Fricandó of veal and mushrooms from MJ’s recipes.

Another platazo that exhales memories of home cooking is the rice with autumn mushrooms by Ross Gastronómica, based on a recipe from the book ‘My mother’s best recipes’ by Joan Roca, which can also be made perfectly with dehydrated mushrooms. Another great plate of rice is the broth with mushrooms by Raúl in Contigo en la playa !, showing that he is not only good at pasta.

Rice Mushrooms

Soupy rice with mushrooms from Contigo on the beach!

And speaking of pasta, it is another great product that we can enrich with autumn mushrooms. This is demonstrated by Loleta with her recipe for pasta with mushrooms, sage and crispy ham, very simple and adaptable to many modifications to taste. And if before we mentioned Sonia de L’Exquisit, now we bring one of her most recent creations, the tortellini with cream of mushrooms and almonds, to wet a lot of bread.

With stale bread the humble but delicious is enriched assorted mushroom soup of Game of flavors, whose flavor will change according to the mushrooms that we use. In their day, Ana and Blanca prepared it with chanterelles, yellow trumpets and trumpets of death, all bought in the local market.

Mushroom Puff Pastry

Mushroom puff pastry from A pinch of cinnamon.

Finally we point the puff pastry stuffed with mushrooms de A pinch of cinnamon, a very attractive and easy dish that can be made with any combination of mushrooms and that will always be a triumph on any occasion. Carmen recommends that we drink it warm, but the same day it is prepared so that the puff pastry remains very crisp.

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