The renowned youtuber MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson and has more than 77 million subscribers on his channel, recreated the games that are part of the hit series The Squid Game, or Squid Game in English, in a royal contest in which 456 people participated, the same number of competitors that appear in the Netflix series.

Recreation of The Squid Game made by MrBeast includes scenarios based on those that appear in the series, both for the different games and for the participants’ bedroom. According to MrBeast, the complete recreation of the game cost a total of 3.5 million dollars.

On the other hand, the participants wear the characteristic green pants with a matching sweatshirt and white shirt, where the number that corresponds to each one appears; while the staff members wear the characteristic red suits and the youtuber, as the host of the event, appears dressed in the dark gray suit reminiscent of the Gamemaster’s attire.

This all started when, following the success of Squid Game on Netflix, Donaldson, who is known for holding large-scale competitions and streaming them on YouTube, pledged to recreate the series’ games in real life, on the condition that his TikTok video exceed 10 million likes; of course, the goal was quickly reached and exceeded, so he had to keep his promise.

The result can be seen in a video of just over 25 and a half minutes, where the participants appear competing in the different challenges. At the time of writing this note, one day after being published, the video is already close to arriving at 39 million views and exceeds the 4.9 million likes.

Throughout the video, the competitions that appeared in The Squid Game, starting with “Red light, green light”. Nevertheless, here those eliminated were not killed, but rather all participants had a mechanism placed on their shirts, at chest height, which “explodes” and stains their shirts when they are eliminated., to replace the shots they received in the series.

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The game was also recreated where the participants must cut the shape that appears in a caramel candy, with the help of a needle and without breaking it; The following rounds were the team-pulling rope game, the marble game, where each participant had to compete with their best friend within the game, and the bridge where they had to guess which block would break, to avoid it. In the rope and bridge games, there was a pool filled with foam cubes, to protect the participants from falling.

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The dynamic that was replaced was in which participants are allowed to fight among themselves to eliminate each other and thus reduce their number; here in MrBeast’s version, they had to play Ddakji, the paper toss game that the protagonist of Squid Game, Gi-hun, played in the first episode when he was recruited to participate.

In the final round, the contestants played musical chairs with their hands tied, instead of playing Squid Game, the Korean children’s game named after the show.

Recreation of The Squid Game MrBeast’s was sponsored, in part, by the video game Brawl stars. According to the youtuber, the total expenditure was around 2 million dollars to build the stages and produce the video, and 1.5 million dollars in prizes, then not only did the winner receive money, but those eliminated also received various amounts of cash, just for having participated.