Xen is Elizabeth Liones in her Seven Deadly Sins cosplay

Xen is Elizabeth Liones in her Seven Deadly Sins cosplay

Although it’s been years since the anime and manga of Seven Deadly Sins We continue to see very creative fan art and cosplay as fans continue to appreciate Nakaba Suzuki’s character design. One of the best cosplays we’ve seen recently is that of Elizabeth Lions what did you do Xena talented Asian cosplayer.

Xen is actually an Asian cosplayer with many years of experience and this is reflected in the confidence with which she shows her cosplays. She has been active since the beginning of 2019 and in this time we have seen her play Elizabeth Liones from Seven Deadly Sins on multiple occasions, showing the two outfits that she wears in the anime and manga.

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The first time we saw Xen in an Elizabeth Liones cosplay was in February 2020, when she presented her test wearing the costume that Elizabeth wears the first time we see her in the Seven Deadly Sins anime and manga. However, a few months later, the Asian cosplayer presented her Elizabeth Liones cosplay with the costume that most characterizes her.

Since Xen received her new Elizabeth Liones cosplay, we have seen her become the character on multiple occasions, as she has presented some sessions in her room, both alone and accompanied by the little Hawk pig in the form of a stuffed animal. Over the years Xen posts new cosplay photos of Elizabeth from time to time, with the most recent posted a few months ago.

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Xen is an extremely talented cosplayer and her Elizabeth Liones costume is among her best works, so if you like her style I invite you to follow her on her social networks so you can see her new works as soon as they are published. Meanwhile, I invite you to see her cosplay of Android 18 from Dragon Ball, because hers was also excellent.