Windows 11’s new Movie Maker lets you save videos at 1080 for free

Windows 11’s new Movie Maker lets you save videos at 1080 for free

At the moment everything we know about what many call the operating system’s new Movie Maker, we know thanks to the firm insider program. To give you an idea of ​​it, the Windows 11 insider build 22572 A few weeks ago, it brought with it Clipchamp, the new video editing app that Microsoft will offer to all its users.

The first thing we must take into consideration is that this is a program that is in the full development phase, so it still has to improve over time. In fact, one of the main criticisms received by this version of clipchamp were the limitations with which it arrived. For example, it is worth noting that the free version only allowed save videos in SD resolution of 480 points, something scarce for these times. Needless to say, most users these days shoot their videos in 1080p, or 4K, all from their mobile phone cameras.

In turn, the aforementioned Clipchamp application had another restriction, since it placed a watermark on the saved videos. The only way to remove these limitations we referred to was to subscribe to a paid Premium plan. But it seems that the Redmond firm has reconsidered, at least in part, after hearing the multiple reviews from its users in this way.

Microsoft rectifies with the restrictions of Clipchamp and the videos

We tell you all this because it has recently been discovered that things have changed. With this, what we want to tell you is that Microsoft has modified these limitations in free mode of the video program. Actually, we are telling you all this because now the Clipchamp video editor allows us to export these contents at 1080p resolution for free. As you can imagine, this is an important change when it comes to working with this type of content in Windows 11 without spending a single euro.

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To all this we can add that the free plan of the application allows us to save a unlimited number of videos in Full HD resolution. In this way we will have the possibility of using our own content to include in these compositions. In turn, the editor also supports screen or webcam recording, for example, to capture the content of these elements.

But this is not all, since we must also take into consideration that the program offers us various basic editing tools and a selection of free backgrounds. At the same time we can find file images, music, or templates to use in our projects. Once we have finished our work here, we can save these videos on the computer, already in FullHD quality, or upload them directly to social platforms like YouTube or TikTok. In addition, if we plan to share these created contents, the watermarks have also been removed, which will be greatly appreciated.

In the event that we want to benefit from certain features and additional content, we will already have to pay for the Premium plan. You can try all this first hand by downloading the application from the Microsoft Store.

Clipchamp - Video Editor
Clipchamp - Video Editor

Developer: Microsoft Corp.