Will the metaverse change the way we go to a doctor’s office?

Will the metaverse change the way we go to a doctor’s office?
  • It is intended that this 2022 be ready Aimedis Health City, the first hospital complex within the metaverse.
  • For medical care to occur within the metaverse, 3D Augmented Reality glasses are needed.
  • This new model will soon be possible thanks to the expansion and increase in internet speed.

The world is constantly changing and it is a situation that cannot be avoided. From everyday activities to the most complex ones, they are completely different now than they were a few decades ago. With the support of technology, we seek to facilitate all tasks and the best example is the metaverse because its implications are so great that even a medical consultation It won’t be like in the past.

Changes that have occurred in the healthcare model

In that sense, care within hospitals and clinics has seen a profound transformation over the last century. Before, it was necessary to go in person to receive the service. It is a model that is still maintained, especially in low-income countries.

For its part, during the 1970s telemedicine appeared as an alternative to care for people in distant areas. In this way, coverage was increased, although the effort was insufficient.

With the heyday of the internet came online medical consultations. Now all that is needed is for the patient and the doctor to have a device connected to the network to carry out the service.

While at this moment a new transformation is under development. From the metaverse it is proposed that a medical consultation will no longer be as before. But first it is necessary to understand the meaning of this term that is being mentioned more and more frequently.

How did the metaverse come about?

The first time it was described was in the novel “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson published in 1992. In that work, the creation of virtual spaces parallel or complementary to our reality is mentioned. The concept has already been mentioned before but this is where it is described in a more faithful way to how it finally materialized in the real world.

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With this in mind, the metaverse can be described as environments where humans interact socially and economically as avatars. They do it through software in cyberspace, which acts as a metaphor for the real world but without its limitations.

While the incursion of the metaverse with doctors and hospitals will soon be a reality thanks to the specialized healthcare company Aimedis. His idea is to create a virtual city in which various health institutions can rent spaces to settle. It is designed for hospitals, private clinics, pharmacies, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies and any company related to health.

So far there is no project of this kind in the whole world and that is why Aimedis Health City It would be a total innovation. And due to its characteristics, it would not be an exclusive space for doctors and patients. It is also planned to design for students, company directors and anyone related to health. With the above in mind, it will also be a meeting point for the development of the networking.

The medical consultations of the future will very soon take place in the present

From the above, it is expected that very soon a medical consultation within the metaverse will be as common as making a video call today. The difference is that now the service will be even more complete.

The main thing that is needed are 3D Augmented Reality glasses to simulate that it is a face-to-face service. Although it is not necessary that the patient and the doctor are in the same place. Some may think that there is a long way to go before this happens, but in reality this modality looks more and more possible.