It is possible that becoming one of the lowest rated games in all of Steam is not the goal of a developer, well I think not of any, but eFootball could not say the same with its criticized launch. However, this can lead to going with lead for the next pitches of other games and more if they are located in the same gender as with Football Manager 2022.

The studio responsible for this manager simulator, Sports Interactive, He wanted to explain in a statement on his Steam blog a new and elegant engine for animations to offer a much more renewed experience in each game. Likewise, you can also see the new video from the studio where they speak with former English footballer and coach Chris Wilder and Italian journalist specializing in transfer markets Fabrizio Romano, where they delve into these new roles.

You direct the destiny of your club

With the aim of exceeding your expectations, fulfilling your dreams and earning your success with skill and dexterity pretending to be the best team managersYou also have to be aware of the sprint ability of all your players and know when they can push and when they can’t. With this new update, they have offered a greater range of motion and presented a Enhanced AI to ease the flow of the game, as well as refining all the movements to ensure that a player has more influence and, in this way, is more real than ever.

On the other hand, Football Manager 2022 will allow you operate with three plantsas it introduces the comprehensive central defense function with defense, support or attack options. In addition, Sports Interactive continues to improve the experience that the coach can experience in their day to day with the best “drama, emotion and suspense”. In addition, the game will better inform about the latest offers and rumors within its deadlines, with the aim of helping to obtain more information about the interest of other clubs in your players.

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Sports Interactive has also wanted to renew the interface elements to offer more tension in the day to day. If all this has sounded interesting to you, you just have to wait for its launch that is scheduled to next November 9. In the meantime, you can find out all the FIFA 22 tips, tricks and guides that our teammates have made. 3DGames Guides.