The day has come, WhatsApp finally allows you to transfer your chat history from Android to iPhone. Of course, there is a little trick and, is that the first terminals to benefit from this will be those of Samsung.

The day has arrived, WhatsApp finally supports copying of chat history between iPhone and Android devices. This novelty had been rumored for a long time and has been one of the most anticipated by users.

And, is that, WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging services throughout the world. It was not understandable that when a user changed from an Android device to one with iOS or vice versa, the chats would disappear.

In fact, many people have turned to Telegram due to the fact that in this service the chat history is not linked to the device. Come on, it doesn’t matter what computer it’s being used from. The history of all chats will always be available.

As part of the presentation of the new Samsung devices, WhatsApp has announced this new functionality. Of course, not everything is as beautiful as it is painted. The small downside to this is that, for now, the feature will only be available on Samsung devices..

Of course, do not despair. The agreement between Samsung and WhatsApp says that their teams will be the first, but then this feature will come to all devices with Android operating system.

The funny thing about all this is that the equipment that will serve as an advance when testing this feature are the Samsung folding, Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Z Flip3. Also, at the moment it will be only from iPhone to Android.

Come on, it is quite clear that Samsung seeks that iPhone users who are curious about their folding are able to make the leap to an Android terminal with the least possible inconvenience.

WhatsApp has not given any date regarding the release of this feature on all Android terminals, nor when will it be possible to change chat history from Android to iPhone. At the moment the only thing left is to wait for more details.