What to do to improve security when browsing with Chrome

What to do to improve security when browsing with Chrome

Dangerous files

They can also strain dangerous files from Chrome. A clear example is when we find an update that is supposed to be necessary for it to work properly. Normally we see a banner when accessing a page where we are invited to click and add a new version to avoid any problem or to make it go faster.

But of course, once again this is simply a strategy of hackers to sneak viruses. They use the browser, hypothetical problems with its operation, so that the victim downloads a file or installs a supposed update that will make everything work better.

Extensions that are malware

You can install many plugins for chrome. Some extensions can come in handy to organize tabs, optimize performance and there are even security extensions. However, they can be used to attack and generate problems that put our data at risk, so care must be taken.

An attacker could modify a legitimate extension so that it steals data or sneaks in malware, but they could also simply create a fake one and hope you’ll be tricked into installing it. This, as we can imagine, is a serious problem that affects privacy and security.


Another method of attack can be through vulnerabilities. Google Chrome may have certain security flaws, like any program, and an attacker could take advantage of it. That means they could find a way to control your computer, steal passwords, and ultimately put your operation at risk.

These bugs that they can take advantage of are not only present in the program itself, but can also appear in add-ons that we install, for example. There may be gaps that allow a hacker to enter.

Tips for safe browsing in Chrome

After having explained how an attacker can steal information or sneak malware into us when using Chrome, we are going to give some tips to be protected. The objective is enhance security to the maximum and not take risks. This way you can keep your data safe and also make the browser work well.

keep everything up to date

The first thing is keep google chrome up to date at all times. You have seen that one of the attack methods is through vulnerabilities that may appear. Therefore, if you have the browser with the latest versions, you will be able to correct many problems and improve privacy and security at all times.

To do this, in Google Chrome you have to go to the menu at the top right, go to Help and click on Google Chrome Information. It will automatically start updating the latest versions, if any. It is convenient that you check this from time to time, since sometimes the automatic updates can be paralyzed by some error and you have to access manually.

Update Google Chrome

Have security programs

Do you use security programs? Have a good antivirus it is essential to protect Google Chrome and any browser you use. They are essential to detect possible threats, automatically delete files that you download by mistake and are a virus, alert in the event of a password theft attempt, etc. There are many options, but some that we can name are Windows Defender, Avast or Bitdefender.

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But beyond an antivirus, you can also count on specific extensions for Chrome. They will also help detect possible threats. Of course, you always have to download them from official sites and not install add-ons that may be dubious and pose a major problem.

Use only safe apps

The first thing is that you download Google Chrome from reliable sources. You can do it directly from the Google website, where you will download the specific version for the operating system you use, or you can also go to official and safe stores such as Google Play or the Apple Store.

But you should also do the same with any extension you are going to install. You always have to add them from sites that are reliable and avoid those places that can be a problem for security. For example, you should never download them from a page that you have seen on social networks or an email that they have sent you.

Keep a good setup

Do you have the browser configured correctly? You should keep in mind that if you make any mistakes in the setting you can leave it unprotected. For example, prevent it from scanning files that you are downloading. Therefore, it is important to review the settings and never touch anything that you do not know if it can negatively affect it.

To see the security settings you can go to the menu on the top right, enter Settings and go to security and privacy. There you go back into Security and different options and settings will appear that you can touch. You should make sure that Standard (or even Enhanced) Protection is checked and not the No Protection box.

Chrome security settings

Common sense

But if there is something important to maintain security in Chrome, it is common sense. You should avoid making mistakes that may affect your personal data and its proper functioning. For example, it is an error to download files without really knowing the source, install some plugin that you see on any site, etc.

Keep in mind that most computer attacks require the interaction of the victim. In other words, the attacker is going to need you to click on something, download a document or, in short, carry out some action. Therefore, if you maintain common sense you will have a lot of gains in the face of security.

In short, as you have seen, there are different methods by which an attacker can break the security of Google Chrome. It is essential that you take action and are protected at all times. It is something that you must do both on the computer and on mobile devices in order to enhance the protection as much as possible.