What Samus From Metroid Would Look Like In A Gantz Suit

What Samus From Metroid Would Look Like In A Gantz Suit

If there is something they have in common metriod of Nintendo and Gantz by Hiroya Oku is that they are both science fiction series with aliens, and now thanks to Finalizer14 we can imagine what a crossover between the two would look like, since he made a fan art of Samus Aran in the Gantz suit.

Gantz is a seinen manga from the year 2000 that ended its publication in 2013, and has had numerous adaptations in anime, movies, OVAs, video games, and more. However, being a series with high ecchi content, aimed at an adult audience, it seems impossible that one day we will see a crossover between any character from Nintendo and Gantz. Still, in the event that it did happen, there is no better franchise for this crossover that Metroid, and the fan art of Finalizer14 proves it.

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in the history of Gantz the protagonists die and are transported to a strange room, where they find a mysterious sphere that provides them with weapons and costumes that have become iconic in the anime and manga community. These suits they give their wearer superhuman strength, stamina, and speed, and are necessary to confront the alien creatures that invade earth. Samus She’s the most powerful bounty hunter in the galaxy, so we can’t imagine what she could do in one of these suits.

Finalizer14’s illustration shows us Samus Aran wearing a Gantz huntress outfit, armed with a gun and a sword, also from the Gantz universe. The artist said that he is considering doing another fan art with a different pose, as he really likes the weapon combo and only showed us what Samus looks like in the Gantz outfit from behind.

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A curious fact that the illustrator shared is that Gantz: O, the 3D animated film that was released in 2016, was produced by the same animation studio that made the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cinematics: Digital Frontier.

If you like the work of Finalizer14 and you are a fan of Metroid I recommend that you follow them on their social networks, as it is likely that they will soon share another look at Samus, either in Gantz’s suit or with a new fan art.