What are all the news coming to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS with Deston

What are all the news coming to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS with Deston

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS has remained one of the players’ favorite battle royale experiences, and it is not for less, since in a short time it was possible to see in detail, how developers incorporate more and more content into their popular video game , and players keep an eye out for additions such as the new Deston map.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that Deston is a new 8×8 map that is taller and denser than the others, so we will see some changes in the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS formula, for this, we have revealed some of the news that arrive along with the new map.

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New mechanics and movement features

Lift – An entirely new movement mechanic is coming to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS to transport players around Deston when the map officially launches. The Elevator is a motorized pulley and players can expect to find it attached to the wall of certain buildings, including special Cell Towers.

This new mechanic will allow players to seamlessly move from the ground to the top of a building and back down again. Also, players will not need to carry any special items to use the Elevators and their speed can be adjusted with the sprint key.

emergency parachute – There is no point in creating the tallest buildings ever introduced in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS if you can’t jump from them, so the always-on emergency parachute was created so that players can jump from the heights of Deston without fear.

The emergency parachute is a default item in player inventories and is always on, so the parachute will redeploy so players can hook up with their parachute while falling on the map and saves them from the ground ending departure prematurely.

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Additionally, special cell towers that have elevators will allow players to combine the elevator with the emergency parachute and cause a slingshot-like motion to move around the map.

Gas stations – Deston will introduce working gas stations so players can charge up their vehicles while traveling around the map. However, be warned that these gas stations may experience the full effect of Michael Bay’s explosions if shot at.

New Tactical Equipment: Blue Chip Detector

The Blue Chip Detector arrives as the new Tactical Gear option with the Deston release! The Blue Chip Detector is a proximity version of the Visor, which will help players detect the location of opposing players within a given radius.

However, due to the detection delay, the Blue Chip Detector does not display the location of other players in real time and will not display the exact vertical position when used in urban districts. The core gameplay of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS remains top priority and feedback on the new tactical gear will be closely monitored once players get their hands on it.

new weapons

Like all maps, Deston brings two new exclusive weapons for players to get their hands on and try out during matches. The Origin 12 is a slug shotgun with superior accuracy and range making it more effective in all areas of the map.

The MP9 is a new high-powered SMG specialized in close-quarters situations. Deston was created to offer players a wide variety of experiences and is coming to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS on July 13.