If a year ago the use of face masks would have become a new condition in the relationship between employees and employers, now this place seems to have been occupied by the vaccine, a factor that now seems to be a new conditioner at least in the United States. Walmart has been the last brand to join this trend, which in the past two years would have been signed by technology companies.

A few hours after Google, through Sundar Pichai, CEO of the company, reported that the company will require its employees to be vaccinated prior to their return to office work, Facebook joined the initiative.

Likewise, Netfilx announced that, for the actors and employees who work in any production of the platform, it will be a requirement to be vaccinated against Covid-19, this as a security protocol.

In the midst of these announcements, the one made by Walmart has arrived where it joins the request for this requirement and becomes the first firm in the retail sector to request this requirement from its employees.

Through a memorandum, Walmart reported that associates who work in multiple facilities as well as corporate employees must be vaccinated before next October 4.

“We have made this decision to require that all market, regional and divisional associates working in multiple facilities and all campus office associates be vaccinated by October 4, unless they have an approved exception. This includes all new hires ”, stated the president and CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon.

Although the brand has not said what could happen if employees do not get vaccinated before the announced date, it has indicated that it would be doubling the incentive it gives to its employees who receive the vaccine by going from 75 to 150 dollars.

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“This includes new associates on their first day in these roles at Walmart, even if they were vaccinated months ago,” the company stated.

Additionally, the company stated that it would provide two hours of paid time off for its employees to receive the vaccine as well as up to three days of paid leave to cover the possible adverse reactions that the vaccine could cause.

“As a country, vaccination options have been available for months, but unfortunately, because so many people have chosen not to receive it, we have become more vulnerable to variants,” they said from Walmart, while highlighting “it is important that the necessary measures be taken to keep ourselves and our communities safe ”.

What Walmart has done in the United States has been replicated for other brands in various markets. For example, in France, Burger King employees who do not meet this vaccination condition will have their employment contract suspended while their salary will not be maintained.

The matter has not ceased to give something to talk about on social networks, where while some applaud the decision to join the contagion containment measures imposed by the government, many others have called for a boycott against companies.

Beyond the opposing reactions, the truth is that this type of situation puts on the table a new series of tensions that will be experienced between employees and employers, an effect that could even reach the end customer himself.

Communication around these changes will be crucial to avoid affecting a relationship that undoubtedly has an impact on the experience delivered to the consumer.