Daily movement is essential to maintain fitness and health. So many of us wonder if the volume or intensity of our exercise is more important to prevent diseases and reduce the risk of premature death. According to a recent study, the important thing to reduce the risk of mortality is to increase the number of daily steps, and not necessarily the intensity.

7000 or more steps each day, to reduce the risk of mortality

The study in question, published recently in the Jama Network Open journal, evaluated more than 2,100 adults middle-aged black and white men and women, for an average of 10.8 years. A cohort study with the CARDIA study participants.

The results show that, compared to the participants who took the fewest steps, those who took 7,000 or more steps each day had a significantly lower risk of mortality for all causes.

The benefits of taking more steps each day were similar for men and women as well as black and white participants. At the same time, it was found that there is no significant relationship between the intensity of walking and the risk of mortality.

To reduce the risk of mortality, it is advisable to increase the steps we take each day and for this, according to this study, it is not necessary to reach 10,000 daily steps but rather a minimum of 7000 steps each day is enough to make a profit.

Of course, the more we see each other, the greater advantages we can obtain And although to reduce the risk of premature death the intensity at which we walk is not of great relevance, we must bear in mind that it is for specific purposes such as losing weight, to increase aerobic capacity, improve performance as well as well as if we are in the process of rehabilitation.

Increasing the number of steps we take each day is key to reducing mortality risk According to this study, and the intensity, which in this case is not of great importance, must be considered according to the particularities and objectives of each person.

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