Tips: Craft Weapons, Expert Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Tips: Craft Weapons, Expert Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

The Witch Queenthe new expansion of destiny 2has already been released for two weeks, but there are still many secrets and events to be revealed, that is why we have decided to help you with this guide that will be focused on how to make weapons, what are the new weapons or some of the most powerful and how to get them

So pay attention to the details that we are going to share with you, so we hope they will be very useful to you, and enjoy the campaign Vow of the Discipleplus now you can unlock the best of the new team, as each new expansion adds another layer of complexity to destiny 2.

How to get the Parasite exotic grenade launcher:

The new worm cannon destiny 2which shoots real worms, which when they explode cause x20 damage and to get it, finish the main campaign of The Witch Queen and then complete these steps:

  • Go talk to Mara Sov in the Enclave behind the Relic
  • Complete the Birthplace of Viles attack from the Throne World launcher.
  • Go talk to Fynch and find the Cryptographers Rune in the Temple of Cunning.
  • Kill 100 Scorn (preferably during Throne World public events)
  • Complete the Sepulcher Lost Sector
  • Do three patrol missions on the Fluorescent Channel
  • Find the Cryptoglyph Rune at Queen’s Bailey
  • Complete the Lost Sector of Metamorphosis
  • Find the cryptoglyph rune on the alluring curtain
  • Complete the Lost Sector Extraction
  • Talk to Fynch one last time.
  • Embark on the Parasitic Pilgrimage quest
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Craft the Exotic Glaive of your dreams:

For class-specific Exotic Glaives, you’ll first need to complete all existing quests on the Test Board:

  • Hard evidence
  • Report: Resonance-Comp
  • Report: Altar-Reflect
  • Report: Relic-Data
  • Report: Scorn Order
  • Report: Steps Back
  • Report: Pyramid-Inspect
After that, you will unlock the quest Report: Reverse Decoy. Here are the steps for that:
  1. Take the Osmic Shard and place it in a bowl at the Queen’s Bailey
  2. Activate the nearby Deepsight orb to go up to the position marked on your screen
  3. Once the Hive comes and takes it away, go back down and inspect the place.
  4. Next, head to the deepest quest marker in the Queen’s Bailey, kill the entire hive, and retrieve the Osmic Fragment
  5. go back to the breadboard and get your exotic pattern
These are the best weapons to get between The Witch Queen and Season of the Risen:
  • Krait – Veist auto rifle that feels great and is a bullet hose with the Subsistence perk
  • Funnelweb – Veist SMG which is equally as cool but can work with Keep AND Frenzy
  • Empirical evidence: The beloved secondary weapon Breachlight has been out of the game for over a year, but EE is close and decent with Perpetual Motion.
  • Palmyra-B – A great legendary rocket launcher while running an exotic in the main slot. Look for one with boost boost and lasting impression.
  • Syncopation-53 – Syncopation-53 – Pulse Rifles just got a 10% damage buff and this one feels especially impactful, plus you can create the perfect combination (in my case: Outlaw and Tombstone).