This Joy-Con controller for Switch is the cheapest you can find

This Joy-Con controller for Switch is the cheapest you can find


Nintendo Switch allows you to play in different ways and that includes the diversity of controls. For the more traditional ones, it is possible to play with a normal controller or with the Joy-Cons. But some consoles have had drift problems with the Joy-Con and buying new controllers is quite expensive. Hori has the perfect solution because he has an officially licensed Nintendo Joy-Con model and it only costs 19.99 euros. You won’t find a controller that cheap. to play on laptop.

The Hori brand is not only specialized in manufacturing console peripherals, but are officially licensed. So this controller is fully compatible with switch and can replace your left Joy-Con. It’s definitely the command. more economical If the original Joy-Con has been damaged because without a discount it is available for 24.99 euros. Now you have a 20% discount that will allow you to save at least 5 euros on your purchase.

This Nintendo Switch controller only costs 19.99 euros

The Joy-Con HORI controller has a design from The Legend of Zelda

However, you can see what are the best controllers for nintendo switch, both compatible and official. The Hori knob is a good option if you don’t want to spend so much money on the official Joy-Con, but this model only works in portable mode. It is otherwise identical, except that it has address cross.

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The highlight of the controller is the design, based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The remote has a semi-translucent matte plastic finish that allows you to see inside, although other models are available. In general it is a good replacement for your Joy-Con controller with drift that is no longer under warranty and above all the cheapest option available.

This controller is sold individually and it only costs 19.99 euros. It has a small discount of 20% for save 5 euros and you can continue playing normally on your hybrid console. Just remember that it is a remote that only works in portable mode and, therefore, only attached to the console.

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