This is how Stranger Things fans prepare to receive the last season

This is how Stranger Things fans prepare to receive the last season

The second half of the last season of ‘Stranger Things’
it will close a definitely iconic arc for this generation. The series is recognized not only for its quality, but for managing to integrate the series of the services of streaming in the eye of the world audience.

Although initially the series of these platforms were not taken very seriously, today a large part of the films and series of these are the ones that compete for important prizes such as the golden globes and the Oscars.

The impact of platforms streaming

Streaming platforms have changed the way we understand entertainment. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+HBO Max, Paramount+ and even in Mexico the presence ViX, all these apps little by little they have positioned themselves in the target market.

What started out as a solo crusade for Netflix ended up becoming the business model of the future. Such has been the impact of the platforms that even companies like Disney and Warner, they have decided to remove entire channels with the intention of generating content through the streaming service.

For now, Netflix remains the undisputed world leader, however, it was only this year that its first historical loss of 200 thousand subscribers. While this was happening, HBOMax and Disney+ they grew The first managed to get in the same period of time 13 million subscribers. Disney+, on the other hand, was positioned as the second most important platform worldwide with 129 million subscribers.

The impact on networks of these platforms streaming has made many series manage to break all audience records. For example, the ‘Loki’ series on Disney+ managed to break an audience record of 731 million minutes of viewing. Although this probably would not have happened without some important factors, such as the popularity of Marvel superheroes in the cinema, the impact of series like ‘The Mandalorian’ on the platform and, above all, the precedent of series like Stranger Things’ either ‘Dark’ in netflix.

The impact of these series on social networks has caused users to continually take these productions into account. In fact, Stranger Things managed to set its own audience record, with 287 million hours in 3 days being the official data published by the platform.

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This is how the fans of ‘Stranger Things’ to receive the finale of the last season

The last season of ‘stranger things‘ has left unknowns among the fans and, of course, promises to break every existing record within the platform. The impact has been reflected in social networks in different ways.

For example, we have that after the end of the first part, the song ‘Running up that hill (a deal with god)’by the English singer, Kate Bush, released in 1985, managed to become the most listened to Spotify, with more than 112 million reproductions. On YouTube, on the other hand, it had less than 30 million views and has already reached almost 85 million.

Likewise, the song has become one of the most listened to within the TikTok platform, another network where the series has also marked a milestone.

In these social networks with video format, fans have unleashed their creativity and knowledge. Some even dedicate themselves to generating content around the series and to the theories of what could come for this season finale.

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However, the expectations for the end are enough; For this reason, some users have already shown their fanaticism and their desire to know the outcome of this story that, in fact, according to the numbers presented, could break the record as the most watched series of 2022 not only on the platform, but also on streaming services in generalacknowledged that Netflix is ​​far from finished.

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