These are the 10 most common mistakes why you can’t get abs

These are the 10 most common mistakes why you can’t get abs

Marking the abdominals is one of the objectives that most people pursue in gyms. Despite this, on many occasions, attempts to mark the abdominals they end in failure.

It is normal for this to happen because it requires a lot of patience and commitment. In addition, during the process several mistakes are usually made, which are the ones that we are going to comment on below.

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eat ultra-processed foods

Removing that ultra-processed foods such as ice cream, cookies, cakes, etc. they are unhealthy and increase the chances of diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, etc., they also have a high caloric density.

This causes the calories we consume throughout the day be much older and, therefore, hinder the process of fat loss.


Carry out nutritional protocols that do not suit you

There are many protocols for fat loss. The keto diet, intermittent fasting, etc. All these protocols have no negative effects on health (as long as they are practiced correctly), but if they are not adapted to us, they can cause us a lot of stress and make it impossible for us to lose body fat.

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Not including protein in every meal

Protein may be the most satiating macronutrient. In addition, this macronutrient is very important so that, as we lose body fat, muscle mass is maintained. If we are losing body fat while losing muscle mass, our body composition could even worsen.


Not including beneficial foods between meals

It’s normal between large meals to feel a bit hungry or peckish. The best thing for those moments is to include foods such as fruits, nuts, yogurts, etc.

In case of including foods such as industrial pastries, it could make us lose all the progress.

Include fibrous foods in the morning

Foods such as oatmeal, fruit, wholemeal bread, etc., are rich in fiber which, in addition to having a positive effect on our health, also helps reduce hunger in the hours after.

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This occurs because gastric emptying decreases, making food take longer to digest and metabolize and, therefore, decrease the desire to eat.


Do not include carbohydrates at noon

Many people fear consuming carbohydrates because they think they will cause body fat to increase Even though it’s completely false since there is nothing per se that increases body fat.

Consuming carbohydrates is beneficial thanks to the fact that we are going to feel fuller, so we will not feel like eating in later hours and, in addition, it allows us to perform in our sport.

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not eat vegetables

Not including vegetables in our diet is fatal. Not only because they have many benefits for our body, but because it can make us not eat as many calories as these foods they have very few per 100 grams.

We highly recommend including at dinner time because eating high amounts of vegetables will make us not peck at night before going to sleep.


not drink water

Not drinking water, in addition to causing dehydration, can cause us to consume more calories and, therefore, let’s not lose body fat. If we include one or two glasses of water during each meal, it will make us feel more satiated because the volume in our stomach is greater.

Don’t be strict with yourself

Indulging yourself from time to time is not bad. On the contrary, it can even be beneficial on a psychological level. That yes, what is not good is to relate something that we like as a reward.

Eating something we like does not have to be a reward, but a food like any other that makes our journey more enjoyable.


Not consuming protein after training

Consuming a post-workout shake can have beneficial effects, especially if we’re running out of time. It is important reach the amount of daily proteinso if after training we have to go to university, work, a high-protein shake can be perfect to reach those amounts.

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