Yesterday we echoed a rumor that said that Quantic Dream has had a Star Wars project in its hands for at least now 18 months. There are not too many details about it, but today in the last hours they have emerged new details about the production and premiere of its first trailer.

Specifically, it has been one of the original insiders who uncovered the rumor who has given more details about the game, the well-known Tom Henderson. Through his personal Twitter account, Henderson ensures that Quantic Dream is working with Unit-Image in the development of the game. It is a French company specialized in 3D animation who works both in film and video games. Their portfolio is totally incredible, from Love Death & Robots, the Netflix animated series, to games like God of War, Death Stranding, Far Cry 6 or Beyond Good & Evil 2. You can see all the studio’s work through their official Web.

Although that is not the highlight of Henderson’s post, but the insider assures that the first teaser trailer of the game is found pending Disney approval, so it would already be done, or almost. It could be a matter of days before there is official news about this Star Wars project.

With this official announcement, it is to be hoped that most of the doubts about the project will be dissolved, such as knowing which platforms it will reach or its approximate launch window, questions that right now are a mystery. What is known is that, since the beginning of last year, Quantic Dream is once again an independent studio, so the launch of this Star Wars project could not be limited to PlayStation consoles.

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