The price of the Razer Kishi for Android falls again

The price of the Razer Kishi for Android falls again

One of the best controllers for Android smartphones, the Razer Kishi, now it can be yours for much less than you think. Have a 33% discount on Amazon at the time of writing these lines, and has gone from having a price of 89.99 euros to €59.99. We are talking about a saving of 30 euros. Unlike other controls that are Bluetooth, this model connects to the USB type C port of your mobile phone.

That it’s not a wireless controller is a good thing if you’re a Stadia, GeForce Now, or Xbox Cloud Gaming user. Being a USB type C controller latency is lower than if it were Bluetoothand this is very important when we talk about cloud gaming where every millisecond counts to have the best gaming experience.

Turn your smartphone into a portable console

The Razer Kishi controller is quite comfortable and has been designed for long gaming sessions. However, although it is an Android controller, not all games have support for playing with said peripheral. Now, it is possible to use apps like octopus to map the buttons. This app is free and supports almost all games.

The Razer Kishi for Android is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones

This Razer controller has universal fit and this makes it possible to connect most Android smartphones on the market. To play in the cloud it is not necessary to install an app to recognize the controller. Just connect it to your mobile phone and open the Stadia, GeForce Now or Xbox app. By the way, on the bottom right you have a USB Type-C port So you can charge the smartphone battery while playing.

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Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Razer Kishi has no vibration. Quite possibly Razer decided to do without this feature so as not to affect the autonomy of the battery and, incidentally, not increase the weight. The latter is very important when we play on a device like a smartphone.

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