Capcom recently revealed that the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise will be released in mid-January 2022. Luckily, you won’t have to wait until then, as a free demo has been enabled on Steam so that anyone can see for themselves what this new looks like Monster hunter on your computer.

That is what ElAnalistaDeBits has done, which has led him to publish a comparative video in which he puts the original version of Nintendo Switch face to face along with this new one for PC on which there is emphasis that it is a test, so the final result may vary from here until its launch.

The clearest difference is in the resolution, reaching 4K at 60 fps on PC, while on the Nintendo console it stays at 756p at 30 fps. The same causes that in the first version the drawing distance, the textures and various elements of the environment, such as the details of the grass or the animation of the water, are clearly better seen.

Even so, the game on Nintendo Switch still looks pretty good, because the shadows or the characters do not present great differences and the sequences that appear are practically identical. While it is understandable that on PC it is graphically superior due to the difference in power, on Nintendo’s hybrid machine it can boast that you can take it anywhere.

Those of you who are wanting to get hold of Monster hunter rise for PC you will have to wait until the January 12, 2022. Of course, we must not forget that both versions will be left without cross-play and cross-save, since Capcom has recognized that it was unable to implement it.

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