Although Battlefield 2042 it will not have a single player campaign, DICE, the developers, are working on different quite unique game modes. Thus, Hazard Zone was revealed today, where teams of four players will have to compete to carry out a series of objectives on a gigantic map.

According to EA, in the Hazard Zones, teams will have to collect Data Units, and correctly choose the moment they want to leave the map before the storm wipes out everyone involved. This is the official description:

“Inserted as a four-member squad, you must locate and recover data units scattered throughout the battlefield, while fighting opposing squads with the same objective and occupying forces. To be successful, gather your data drives and choose when to mine before a storm takes over the area in this high-stakes lifetime experience. Every bullet, every skirmish and every decision counts. “

In this mode, every decision is important. Before playing, you will have to choose a specialist, who will give you some advantage in combat. On the other hand, you have to correctly choose the equipment you will use and its possible improvements that will be within your reach. Already inside the combat, you will be able to find and make use of the Uplinks, laptops that provide a benefitsuch as a vehicle or the ability to revive a partner.

Battlefield 2042 Coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC on November 19. In related topics, we already played the beta of this title, and here we tell you how it is.


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Yes OK Battlefield 2042 It does not include a campaign, which is unfortunate, the game will feature a number of multiplayer modes that do seem to offer a lot of variety. This is a job done for fans and for those willing to embark on missions in the company of their friends.

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This is how Hazard Zone mode works in Battlefield 2042 |

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