The imposing photo of The Batman for the cover of a German magazine

The imposing photo of The Batman for the cover of a German magazine

A new photo of The Batman’s cowl with Robert Pattinson appears on the cover of a German film magazine.

Following the aesthetic already proposed for the promotion of the film, the German film magazine Deadline das FilmMagazin has released the cover of its new edition, which is dedicated to The Batman and is more than impressive.

On the cover we can see the profile of Robert Pattinson’s Batman, and the hero’s silhouette is framed by the Riddler’s own question mark. Of course, black and red tones dominate the art. Take a look at this wonderful cover:

The photo of The Batman for the cover of Deadline das FilmMagazin without design elements

Shortly after the cover of The Batman for the German film magazine was revealed, some internet sites shared a version of the cover but without the design elements:

Deadline das FilmMagazin / Warner Bros. Pictures

Source: Deadline das FilmMagazin

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