Marvel is looking for a spectacular actress for a new character

Marvel is looking for a spectacular actress for a new character

The Blade movie is on the way and Marvel Studios is already looking for a spectacular actress for this new MCU character

As we could see in the post-credits scene of Eternals, Blade is already around the corner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM). In that sequence we could appreciate Mahershala Ali off-screen offering guidance to Dane Whitman. Everything indicates that we will see a tandem formed by the African-American actor himself and the Black knight. And it seems that the Phase 4 of the UCM It will also bring us a novel female character. More specifically, a possible love interest of the character of Kit harington.

As reported Comic Book Movie, the study chaired by Kevin Feige They are already looking for a spectacular actress and everything seems to point directly to the film of Bassam tariq. Reports indicate that they are looking for an African-American actress, between 20 and 40 years old and who can speak French. The character has been named Faiza and has been described as «a tough and agile fighter with a powerful presence and a conversationalist who never backs down«. They also add that the possible candidates «must be open to a training period in advance. Actresses with fighting experience are encouraged to submit«.

What character are they referring to by that name and description?

Everything points to the fact that it is the doctor Faiza Hussain, a Muslim woman who wielded the sword of Excalibur and that it ended up adopting the code name of the legendary sword of the King Arthur when he became an agent for the MI13. Dr. Hussain met Dane Whitman during the Skrull invasion and they ended up having a romantic relationship.

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Faiza could appear in Blade (Marvel)

She would later join characters like Doctor Strange, Captain britania or even Dracula. So watch out for the new Marvel character because he’s so cool! And they could end up giving it a lot of use in different movies and series of the MCU, in addition to its presentation on the tape of Blade.