The Boys and their other option with Huggie

The Boys and their other option with Huggie

The series of The Boys: Diabolical has confirmed that the character of Huggie had another interpreter in the minds of the directors

The Boys series is one of the great successes of the Amazon Prime Video platform. This series based on the saga of comics written by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson became a project that has raised a fandom true to all products and to the word how many. Just over a month ago, Amazon premiered an animated series of The Boys, The Boys: Diabolical. In this series we can see short stories in short chapters.

Obviously there were many people who already knew The Boys thanks to his comic since he was quite well known among the world of cartoon fans. Its plot is interesting because of the different point of view it offers, since the superheroes are really the villains of the stories.

Now, with the premiere of this new animated series, we have learned that the main idea the creators had when playing Huggie was not Jack Quaid but Simon Pegg. This actor known for the films of Shaun of the Dead or fatal weapon He acknowledged that he was a big fan of the saga.

The series director acknowledged that they considered the possibility that Pegg would play the role of Huggie but that her age was much higher than that of the character and they had to discard it. Still, Simon played the role of Huggie’s father.

“When we were working on the Garth episode and we knew that he wanted to put Huggie in it, we knew who was going to do it. He had to be Simon Pegg, there was no other option.”

It seems that Huggie could have been very different from what we saw. Who knows if in the next season we will be able to see Simon Pegg in some more plot.

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