During 2021 they have become popular many titles play to earn that little by little have grown over time due to the incredible things they offer. These are blockchain video games that allow players to earn money by simply investing their time in the game.

Normally, NFT games require an initial investment to be able to start and have an income in the long run that ends up being an excellent source of money. However, not everyone dares or has the ability to make such an investment in these titles, so there is an alternative to these that are totally free, and that in the same way you can earn money playing. However, it is necessary to clarify that being free to play, they do not pay out in large amounts, but surely you will be able to gather little by little so that at some point you can invest in another NFT game that gives you better income.


Play Cryptopop

It is a puzzle game very similar to Candy Crush, so it is quite fun to hang out, and even more so when it pays you to participate in the games. Basically it rewards you while you play depending on the ads you see, and in the levels your objective is to overcome the missions to get bonuses that give you more points that are exchanged for the Ethereum cryptocurrency.


Dragonary is very similar to Axie Infinity, only here you can play for free with the first 3 starting dragons they give you. However, to start having income you first have to bring these creatures to level 20 and make an effort fighting enemies in daily missions to collect materials that will give you the crypto CYT. If you want to advance faster, you can also make the decision to invest to buy new dragons that are powerful to make it easier to overcome the battles.


It is one of the most complete NFT video games of all, an open world RPG which has an extensive history and truly impressive graphics compared to other titles of this type. Here we have the ability to create our own avatar from scratch, and choose the type of warrior that this is going to be to enter the fantasy world with a very interesting oriental style.

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The main objective to be able to start win the game cryptocurrency (DRACO) is to reach level 40, where an option is unlocked that allows you to exchange Dark Metal for DRACO. Basically, the game consists of farming this resource and facing enemies of various types while completing the scheduled missions.

Gods Unchained

It is one of the few NFT chart titles, very similar to Hearthstone and Legends of Runeterra. It unfolds in a fantasy world where many types of races of living beings live that are at war. The game mechanics are based on rounds of games where you have to use the skills and characteristics of the cards to knock down enemy units


It is a strange video game to which you have to pay a lot of attention, as it focuses on the buying and selling of virtual goods. That is, by playing here you are entering a meta-universe where there are the same places in the real world, and in this case, all the players can invest in buying land that are available to later sell them at a higher price after doing some actions. At the beginning they give you a number of coins as a gift so that you can start playing without having to invest a penny, over time this will surely pay off.

Each of the video games named in this listing are totally free, and this is a good way to start in the world of NFTs if it is your first time and you are starting to know these games. Later, if you want to go further, you are totally free to make investments, although if you really try, it will not be necessary.