The best foods to get vitamin D in your diet if you are vegan

The best foods to get vitamin D in your diet if you are vegan

Exposure to sunlight is key to stimulating the synthesis of vitamin D in our body. During the winter, it is very helpful to go to the diet to ensure adequate intake of this nutrient. So, we show you what they are the best foods to obtain vitamin D with the diet if you are vegan.

Sources of vitamin D for vegans

The vitamin D which to a large extent contributes to the body’s defenses as well as to cardiovascular, bone and dental health cannot be lacking in our body and therefore, during the coldest months of the year in which we are less exposed to the sun, obtain this nutrient through diet is key.

Among the main food sources of vitamin D we find foods of animal origin such as certain fish, shellfish, eggs and dairy products, resulting in ingredients not suitable for vegans.

In this way, vitamin D constitutes a critical nutrient among vegans, which we must take care especially when we are not exposed to the sun every day.

Thus, it is important to know that beyond going to certain supplements suitable for vegans, we can obtain vitamin D from fortified foods such as breakfast cereals, margarines, or vegetable drinks.

Other sources of vitamin D from plants that we can incorporate into our diet are fungi and mushrooms in general, mushrooms being an excellent source of nutrients.

If you follow a vegan diet and during the winter you expose yourself little to the sun, it is essential to take care of the levels of vitamin D going not only plant-based foods that can offer it but also, to supplements previously recommended by a health professional.

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