The news of the latest version of Telegram is here, many of these news are intended to improve the way users interact with the instant messaging application.

Telegram has a dizzying rate of updates. The periods are getting shorter and the functions that they add tend to be interesting, as well as innovative in most cases. The instant messaging application wants to overcome WhatsApp and, therefore, it will try by all its means to unseat it with improvements and additions.

What’s new in version 8.01 of Telegram covers several aspects: personalization, emojis, actions during video calls and, most importantly, the possibility of knowing who has read the messages we send to groups. Come on, the update comes loaded with news and for all types of users.

Lets start by the beginning. Now Telegram allows you to customize chats individually. Yes, now each conversation can have a completely different theming. And, is that, Telegram has always been the queen of personalization, but now it has gone up one step even more and very above WhatsApp.

Emojis are now interactive and displayed in full screen. In the new Telegram chats the emojis will no longer have a small size, now they will be much larger and, in addition, they will have animated movement to make them more attractive to use. Of course, they are not all emojis, there are only some and more will be added as the app is updated.

Telegram video calls can now be recorded. Of course, not just any user can do it, the administrators of these broadcasts or video chats will be the ones who can record them if they want to do so.. The video resulting from the recording can be sent to the chats that the administrator deems appropriate.

The best feature is the ability to see the users who have read the messages that we have sent to a group on Telegram. ANDl being able to know the people who have read the messages was still a key feature of WhatsApp, but Telegram has decided to get on with it and now integrates it.

It works the same way, you can see exactly the users who have seen the message. Of course, the groups must be small. Telegram It does not specify the number of users that must belong to the group, but it does say that they cannot be mass groups. Also, to keep users safe, read receipts are only stored for seven days..