Tecate Comuna revealed poster with Kenia Os and fans viralize luxury line up

Tecate Comuna revealed poster with Kenia Os and fans viralize luxury line up

Festivals, concerts and massive events are already a frequent reality
Within the national territory, these festivals have generated that the economy of certain places is reactivated, also allowing national and international tourism to once again enjoy the great stages and natural venues that Mexico offers, as well as bands and artists such as Kenya. Os, who have trained generations and new musical proposals, an example of this is the virality that it has had in a few hours, the poster presented by Commune Tecatefestival, which will take place in the state of Puebla.

Tecate Comuna reveals poster and fans viralize luxury lineup

Tecate Comuna is one of the festivals, with a few years of tradition, since its first edition occurred in 2019, where artists and bands of the stature of Caifanes, The Offspring, Juanes and Maldita Vecindad shone; Despite his short time in the competition of massive events, he has stood out in the taste of people, proving once again why he has earned his placeby presenting a poster, which the community has pointed out as very complete, which will feature luxury bands and new talents.

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A few hours ago the official line up of what the festival will be was announced Tecate Comuna, which will take place in the Ecological Park in Puebla, Mexico, on October 22, and that will present in succession 2022 bands such as Molotov, Panteón Rococó, Los Auténticos Decadentes, Charles Ans, Caligaris, Enanitos Verdes, among others, being one of the guest artists that most surprised fans, the appearance of Kenya OS.

As a result of the revelation of the Tecate Comuna cartel, social networks have become a trend for the singer, Youtuber and content creator Kenya Os, who announced that he will be presented as part of the festival’s star poster, causing a search to generate a trend within the platform and social network Twitter, which is why has generated diverse reactions among the community, due to those who celebrate its appearance and those who do not consider it relevant to the festival.

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