Susana Dosamantes dies and Paulina Rubio becomes a trend in networks

Susana Dosamantes dies and Paulina Rubio becomes a trend in networks

The actress Susana Dosamantes passed away and his loss has generated an intense social conversation on social networks, where Pauline Rubio It has been the personal brand impacted by the loss of one of the most popular figures in the Mexican film and television market.

Dosamantes, of Mexican origin, married Enrique Rubio, father of Paulina and Enrique. Rubio was the only person with whom she had a romantic relationship until her death in an ISSSTE hospital in Mexico City. Dosamantes was undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer that she suffered from at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida.

The death of Susana Dosamantes proves the importance of social networks in the immediate communication of events involving public figures, whether it is a trial starring Johnny Depp or the death of Fernando del Solar, reported this week.

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Within networks, a very valuable communication scheme has been established, where public figures always attract conversation due to the influence generated by their personalities, which have even become key players in an industry where the impact of the publications they make is measured, in function of the followers they add and the metrics they reach.

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