Spy photos of a special Audi S6 point to a mule of a future RS 6

Spy photos of a special Audi S6 point to a mule of a future RS 6

Camouflaged as S6 but with all the hallmarks of an Audi RS 6 Saloon. The brand with the four rings has been surprised in Sweden with a mule from the third sedan in the German range that points to the unprecedented extreme performance variant. Some spy photos that hide interesting details.

From afar he had been making himself known. Our envoys present at the winter tests soon realized that this test mule that was approaching the camera was not a normal S6 as normal as it might seem. And it is that the gruff sound of his exhausts was rougher and gruffer than usualespecially if we take into account that this sports variant of the range already not offered with gasoline, but with dieseland that their leaks are not visible, but hidden behind the bumper.

Although it is true that the orange blinker is typical of the versions destined for the United States, the fact that it has a a provisional exhaust system with two terminals makes one suspect more than necessary, as well as the box that can be seen on the left side next to the exhaust on this side. But there is one more detail that cannot go unnoticed and that is the enrollment. It is the usual one of the most powerful and top versions of the range of each model, the “RS”, and that indicates that it is a unit registered in Heilbronn, the town where the Audi Sport facility is locatedthe former quattro GmbH.

The exhaust of this curious mule points more to an RS 6 than to a special variant of the Audi S6

The signs that tip the balance towards an Audi RS 6 Sedan

When the vast majority of we have seen the S versions of the Audi models registered at the brand’s headquarters in Ingolstadtthe fact that this exhaust system is so particular and the location of the license plate suggest that the German firm may be preparing the long-awaited -by many- Audi RS 6 Saloon. It is not something new, a few years ago we already had the opportunity to see other mules of the same style, in the previous generation of the S6, and without materializing in production, but with electrification it is already different.

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In addition, if BMW has given in and is about to launch an M3 Touring, it is not surprising that Audi has decided to expand the RS offer with a new high-flying sedan. One option until now only available on RS 3 Sedans and RS 7 Sportback. It would be the way to catch up with the future M5 and AMG E 63, two models that will continue to be offered as sedans, in addition to the usual family in the star brand. Unless surprise, it is long-term developmentWell, if we had the new features that will characterize the renewed A6 range, we would have seen it camouflaged.

And it is that the Audi A6 has already been camouflaged on different occasions, a facelift that the model will receive, also including the family variant of the A6 Avant and all the sports versions reaching the extreme RS 6 Avant. AND the new generation is not expected until the middle of the decade. Approximately, by the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025, a last generation that will be combustion so as not to lose part of the sales with the most direct competition. We will be attentive to the movements of the brand, and especially to the progress of this mule.