Special double tabata training to lower the Easter toast

Special double tabata training to lower the Easter toast

Torrijas are the typical Easter sweet and, although they are very caloric, given that we only have them once a year, their consumption should not worry us as long as they fall within normal quantities (not eating half a dozen in one sitting, for example) and that we maintain a healthy diet in the rest of the meals.

Even so, if you want to start downloading the Easter toast, we bring you a training eight-minute double tabata special with which you can also move your body during these holidays. Inside video!

Two chained tabatas to achieve a very intense eight-minute workout in which we will raise our heart rate to the max from the first minute thanks to the jumping exercises that require us to have good aerobic capacity and good leg power.

in this training we will work with the scheme 20-10 repeated 16 times: 20 seconds of training during which we will do each of the exercises, and 10 seconds of rest to achieve an incomplete recovery that allows us to rest, but not fully recover our heart rate.

The tool that we have used to create the different intervals is Gymboss (available on iOS and Android for free), which we also use to plan our work intervals when we do ca-co (combination of running and walking) and that we already explained how it works previously.

We encourage you to try this high-intensity training for which you do not need any type of material: you will only have to stand in front of the computer screen and follow the instructions to join us in this special tabata.

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Images and video | Vitonic TV