Sony announces PlayStation VR2 and its specifications

Sony announces PlayStation VR2 and its specifications

The evolution of Virtual Reality comes to PlayStation.

It seems that Sony wanted to start the year in style, since we have only been five days since 2022 began and we already have the first bomb announcement with PlayStation VR2, the evolution of Virtual Reality technology that the Japanese company presented with the first model launched during the PS4 generation.

In this way, a series of rumors pointing to impressive specs by this new device for the PlayStation 5 with the presentation of this during CES 2022, this being the place where PlayStation VR2 has been revealed. Of course, it must be said that its design and appearance have not been shown at the moment.

Be that as it may, it must be said that what we have been able to know are the specifications of both the peripheral and its control:

PlayStation VR2 Specifications

  • Screen type: The screen will have OLED quality.
  • Screen resolution: It has 2000x2040p for each eye.
  • Frame rate on screen: 90Hz, 120HZ.
  • Lens separation: Adjustable.
  • Field of view: Approximately 110 degrees with tracking in, out through the cameras built into the headphones.
  • Sensors: Six-axis movement detection system, of which three are for the gyroscope and three for the accelerometer. It also has an IR proximity sensor.
  • Cameras: It will have four cameras for monitoring the headphones and controllers, as well as an infrared monitoring camera.
  • Feedback: Vibration in the headphones.
  • Connection with PS5: USB Type C.
  • Audio: Microphone input and stereo headphone output.
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Also, it has been confirmed that a vibration technology has been added that allows players to have a deeper gaming experience to be able to feel the pulse of a character in tense moments, an avalanche of objects and even the speed at which it goes in the vehicles.

Knob Specifications

On the other hand, it is confirmed that, as Sony already anticipated at the time, PlayStation VR2 controllers will offer all the evolved technology of these years, these being the following:

  • Right control buttons: PS Button, Options, Action (Circle / Cross), R1, R2, Right Stick and R3.
  • Left control buttons; PS Button, Create Button, Action (Triangle / Square), L1, L2, Left Stick and L3.
  • Sensors: Six-axis motion detection sensor with the same capabilities as the case. It also features IR LED position tracking and a finger touch sensor.
  • Feedback. Haptic feedback on R2 and L2 buttons.
  • port: USB Type C.
  • Connection: Bluetooth Ver5.1.
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium.

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