Showa American Story Trailer for PS4, PlayStation 5 and PC

Showa American Story Trailer for PS4, PlayStation 5 and PC

Video games are sometimes accused of being too generic, but the new installment of NEKCOM Entertainment can boast of presenting one ed the strangest stories we’ve seen in recent years. Showa American Story transports us to a post-apocalyptic world very different from the ones we know and will be available in Steam, PS4 and PlayStation 5.

The universe of Showa American Story presents us with an alternative reality where Japan became a great economic power, which allowed it to buy from the United States of America. After this, the Japanese culture was strongly implanted in the North American territory, and although at first there was resistance, eventually a new type of civilization was formed.

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Things don’t go well in the world of Showa American Story and a world catastrophe of mysterious origin is provoked; The story of the game begins several years later, in a decade of the 80s very different from the one we knew, when our protagonist wakes up to find a world populated by a threat zombie.

Upon awakening, our protagonist not only gets a new life, but also new ones. powers that allow you to survive in this world infested with zombies. Showa American Story’s combat boasts flowing freely according to the player’s style, with the option to cut as a hack n ‘slash, shoot like a shooter and use supernatural powers.

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The game will take us through the USA combined with Japan in the VR of Choko, our protagonist, which can be improved and customized as we progress through the story. Showa American Story also offers side missions and activities, collectibles and customizable items like weapons, costumes and more.

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At the moment, no release date has been announced for Showa American Story, but it is known that it will arrive on Steam, PS4 and PlayStation 5 thanks to 2P Games.