Second-hand BMW, these are the best valued models

Second-hand BMW, these are the best valued models

Few brands have a better poster in the used market than BMW, a premium brand that, in addition to offering models with a long history and prestige, has a wide range of models to satisfy any buyer.

While many buyers opt for a new car, there are not a few who prefer access to a premium brand through the second hand market. In this way, various high-end models are placed within their reach, a circumstance that would be unfeasible for new cars due to economic issues.

And, among the premium second-hand market, BMW is possibly the most sought after and desired brand by potential buyers. Not surprisingly, the German firm from Munich is one of the most prestigious and has a long history, numerous commercial successes and no less prestige at a technical level.

But, of all the second-hand BMW models that exist on the market, which are the most sought after and best valued by buyers?


Front of the BMW M3 F80 from 2014.

The truth is that any BMW M3 that is in good condition is going to be a wise purchase, because all generations of this revered model are attractive.

It is clear that the first E30, has a plus of charm for being just that, the first. But it is also true that the prices reached by the units of this are usually quite high because we are talking about a cult vehicle.

The second generation it is also rising in price progressively and far are the times when it was possible to find one for about 7,000 euros. And it is that the 321 hp of the M3 E36 have a lot of pull. That, together with the fact that it has already become a classic, makes it almost impossible to find one for less than 15,000 euros.

Therefore, the versions with the best quality/price ratio for regular use are the E46 from 2000, the E90 from 2008, the F80 from 2012 and the current G80. From there, budget, opportunities and personal preferences rule. Ultimately, we are talking about a car that is bought more with the heart that with the head.

BMW 3 Series Coupe and Saloon

Second-hand BMW, these are the best valued models

Javier Gómara tested the BMW 3 Series G20, the generation launched in 2020, and these were his impressions.

We have started with the sportier version of the 3 Series, but the ‘conventional’ models are surely by far the most popular on the second-hand market.

Not only because it has been a best seller as a new car for decades, but because it has a history of reliability and robustness That makes it a safe bet. Traditionally, the BMW 3 Series has stood out for its elegant design, its balanced relationship between practicality and sportinessand exceptional performance.

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It does not matter the generation, if the engine is gasoline or diesel, as well as if we talk about sedan or coupé bodywork: in the end any Series 3 in good condition it is a successful purchase.

BMW 5 Series Saloon

Second-hand BMW, these are the best valued models

Óscar Magro tells us everything about the 2017 Series 5 (seventh generation).

Although it is second-hand, the 5 Series is not a cheap car, since we are talking about a high-end sedan with very high performance and interior quality. Powerful, spacious, elegant and performancethe BMW 5 Series combines all of this masterfully, making it one of the most appreciated in its segment.

In addition to that, the 5 Series stands out for its reliability within a brand already proven in that regard. Especially brilliant in this regard is the 2010 F10 (sixth generation), of which you can find many units at a price between 19,000 and 25,000 euros.


Second-hand BMW, these are the best valued models
This is what the third generation of the BMW X3 looks like.

Premium, German and SUV, What more can be said? It is not surprising that the X3 is one of the most appreciated on the used market. Although, yes, we recommend that you opt for a unit from the second generation onwards, much more mature at all levels.

The Bavarian SUV costs more than 50,000 euros new, so the second-hand market is a great alternative if you want to have this car. Currently, the average prices of a second-hand BMW X3 range from between 17,000 and 25,000 euros for the second generation (F25) and between 40,000 and 50,000 euros for the third generation launched in 2017.


Second-hand BMW, these are the best valued models
This is the interior of the fourth generation of the BMW X5.

This is probably the most coveted BMW SUV on the second-hand market, as it combines performance and space in a more balanced way than any other in the range.

The X5 does not lack power or equipment, even having the possibility of offering 7 seats. In addition, most of the models mount an automatic gearbox, the BMW X5 30D XDrive being especially appreciated.

The second generation (2006 to 2013) is possible to find from 15,000 euros onwards. The third (2013 to 2018), moves closer to 30,000 euros.


Second-hand BMW, these are the best valued models

Alberto Pérez tells us everything about the new BMW X1.

We end this analysis with the smallest SUV in the BMW family, the X1 whose first generation was launched on the market in 2001 and which is now in its third, recently released.

Of the first you can find quite a few units for between 15,000 and 18,000 euros. while the second already amounts to the range of 25,000 eurosalthough with quite a few options above and below that price.

These are the best valued BMW models and, therefore, the most sought after on the second-hand market. But there are many others that are also a good buy. Can you think of any?