Sandra Cuevas; cleans the Cuauhtémoc of labels and “dirties” its image

Sandra Cuevas;  cleans the Cuauhtémoc of labels and “dirties” its image

Mexico is a diverse country, both in its people and in its popular expressions, society has taken the spotlights and walls, to show the way in which people live and coexist within its streets, from the way they speak, dress and behave, the streets being the perfect setting in which to demonstrate how colorful society is, which is why the mayor’s decision has recently begun to be questioned Sandra Cuevas who seeks to clean Cuauhtémoc of labels, an act that has polarized the digital conversation.

Recently, the inhabitants and walkers of the Cuauhtémoc delegation, have witnessed a decrease in the color of its streets, This change in the visual panorama began a few weeks ago; however, it is now that the digital community has sought to show its discontent, because the signs that adorned some walls and stalls in the area have begun to disappear by order of the authorities of the delegation.

Sandra Cuevas seeks to clean the Cuauhtémoc of labels

The initiative proposed by the current Mayor of Cuauhtémoc, which has already begun to take effect for a few days, seeks to replace the signs of street food stalls or changarros, with a blue aliena and the logo of the Mayor’s Office , reason that has generated that the conversation is paralyzed, this due to who point out that this form of popular advertising expression can generate visual pollution and a bad image on the streetswhile others point to this act as classist, and accuse it of causing a loss of popular cultural identity.

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The Comprehensive Day for the Improvement of the Urban Environment, proposed by Mayor Sandra Cuevas, indicates that they have as an initiative “coexist in peace and harmony among all”, in addition to adding that the cleanliness and beauty of the mayor’s office is everyone’s task”, for which a fine is generated for stalls and changarros that do not adhere to the new regulations; however, it has been pointed out that the owners will only have the support of painting by the mayor’s office, so the labor will be provided by the business owners.

digital conversation

As the days have passedlittle by little the colorful landscape of the streets of Cuauhtémoc has diminisheda reason that has generated in the last hours an important digital conversation, which has become polarized, since there are those who defend and celebrate the initiative taken by the Mayor’s Office and those who point out as authoritarian and classist to remove the signs from the posts of meal.

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Within platforms such as Twitter, the digital community has begun to show its discontent, using the hashtag
@conlosrotulosno, an initiative that seeks to protect the urban landscape and popular graphics that characterize Mexico. Similarly, the Instagram page @rotulos.chidos, It has become a trend in recent hours, due to the search to safeguard, with the help of the community, the importance and art that the labels represent in citizenship.

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