Having security on your phone is increasingly important. Cybersecurity threats are an increasingly present fact in the day-to-day life of technology, or even a physical theft of your mobile phone could endanger all the information you keep on your smartphone: photographs, pins, passwords, texts, bank accounts… Much of our life is on our phones.

Samsung knows how to protect its user in the best way through Secure Folder. Surely, if you have ever had a South Korean brand terminal in your hands, you will have seen on the desktop that icon that, at first glance, goes unnoticed, called Secure Folder. Its operation and usefulness for the user involves much more than you might think at first.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is one of the latest most interesting mobile terminals, and they include this function. The Z Flip 3 It revolutionizes the mobile market by being a folding mobile that even contains 5G. These smartphones have a unique design in the entire market, being Samsung the first company to achieve the milestone of launching the first folding mobile, and having maximum security thanks to this Secure Folder and Knox Vault.

Maximum security with Secure Folder

The Secure Folder will allow us, through our biometric data such as the fingerprint, to keep all the content and private applications that you store in it, such as photos, contacts, information … Everything you put there is protected by biometric data and Samsung Knox Vault, which is a combination of hardware and software integrated into your Samsung, whose main objective is to protect you.

Samsung Knox Vault are a group of processors that have absolutely nothing to do with the main mobile processor, that work for and for security, encrypting, protecting information, photos …

You can duplicate applications, calendar, internet data, contacts … Absolutely everything you want to protect. At Samsung they claim that it is a kind of “safe parallel life” in phones. You can even make that folder look like another application, changing the icon and replacing it with another app, such as a video game.

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If you feel like it, our MovilZona expert also offers you a concise and excellent video explanation:

How to activate it?

We will have to activate it, but don’t worry, because it is very simple. We will have to access the Settings of our Samsung device, and select the option “Biometric data and security”, there we will find the option “Secure Folder”; as easy as hitting “Continue”. Once we have reached this step, we must put our fingerprint, pin or pattern so that no one but ourselves can access it. We recommend that you put a different one than the usual one, and never repeat your password, just in case they manage to access once, do not do it twice.


Once in the folder it will be as easy as clicking Add, and there we can select the applications or files that we want to protect in our Secure Folder. We can also hide the folder so that it can be seen by no one on our desktop or application drawer. To configure this, you just have to go to the settings of the folder itself, and in the Show Secure Folder option, select the Hide option.


It is very convenient to make a backup copy of our Secure Folder, since it will store it in the cloud and then, there will be no way to lose it. To do this, you will have to enter the folder itself, go to Settings, and click on Copy and restore. It will give us the option to enter our Samsung account, and that’s when we click on Backup data from the secure Folder, and we point out all the ones we want to be saved. Depending on our connection, it will take a little longer or a little less.