Robert Downey Jr. is preparing two series set in the same universe as Guy Ritchie’s films

Robert Downey Jr. is preparing two series set in the same universe as Guy Ritchie’s films

As a staunch admirer of the inimitable style —despite the efforts of many filmmakers to replicate it— of Guy Ritchie, I must confess that I adore his two approaches to the eternal character of Sherlock Holmes from the hand of Robert Downey Jr. which premiered in 2009 and 2011. And, in addition to having a formal treatment that is a trademark of the house, its protagonist knew how to perfectly channel the innate cockiness of this version of the detective.

The game starts again

Now, more than a decade after Downey last portrayed Holmes’s deductive abilities on the big screen, we’ve learned that the people of Warner Bros. is already working on not one, but two spin-off series for HBO Max that will explore the universe created by Arthur Conan Doyle and adapted by Ritchie for the big screen.

As reported by Variety, both series will focus on a new character which will be featured in the feature film ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ and They will be produced by Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey and Amanda Burrell under the Team Downey banner, and by Warner Bros. Television; this being all the information that has transpired in this regard about the pair of projects.

In October 2020 we already told you that Downey Jr. intended to build a universe similar to Marvel’s with the creation of Conan Doyle, wondering the meaning of “do a third movie if you’re not going to do spin-offs”. It seems that the plan of the actor and producer is already underway, but we will still have to wait for ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ to materialize once and for allsince the last time we heard from her was four years ago, when Dexter Fletcher —’Rocketman’— ran as director.

At the moment, neither the spin-offs nor ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ have a release date, so it will be time to arm yourself with patience. Fortunately, the future catalog of HBO Max continues to grow with the most interesting productions, such as the series set in the universe ‘Batman’ by Matt Reeves and the recently announced prequel to ‘It’ entitled ‘Welcome to Derry’ led by Andy Muschietti. You have to take advantage of the licenses.