review with trailer, price and gaming experience for Xbox Series, Xbox One and Steam

review with trailer, price and gaming experience for Xbox Series, Xbox One and Steam

There are certain studios that have been blessed by a magic wand and turn everything they put out into gold. DrinkBox Studios He is still privileged in this sense, because he has not yet released any bad games. And what is more important: they are all original, very funny, demanding and with a great sense of humor.

The first impressions with Nobody Saves the World, the new work from this studio responsible for two sequels to Tales from Space and Guacamelee!, without forgetting the fantastic dungeon crawler Severed, they had been very promising. And that we had only scratched the surface, now surrendering hopelessly to its universe of transformist synergies as the first essential of 2022.

It is not the typical RPG, it is something more original and fun

Nobody Saves the World

In the role of a NobodyLiterally, we will start an atypical adventure clearly because of a very special wand… Because from being a mindundi we become a beginner magician by transforming ourselves into different beings thanks to said wand.

Is the first point of genius for Nobody Saves the World, moving away from the typical action RPG formula. Here there are no standard classes, instead we have a series of animals or strange creatures (and some humans, yes) with special abilities. And this, in itself striking, is reinforced by the fact that we can exchange “hot” between the characters that we unlock and thus take advantage of their unique properties.

It doesn’t take long for DrinkBox Studios to show us the reason for these diverse characters: each one is related to a specific opposite element or type of attack: forceful, cutting, dark and luminous. Mastering this base is essential to be able to advance through the dungeons, as there are enemies immune to all damage except a certain attack or element until their defenses are broken. And of course, this means that we have to alternate between different characters to solve that stumbling block.

The adventure is showing its layers little by little, in any case. When we complete the first heavy dungeon inside the Great Castle, a good part of our world opens up, but with a series of dangers that we still cannot successfully face. And it is no longer that breaking the defense influences, but there are enemies of too high a level that we cannot do anything to. A subtle way of telling us where we should continue, but also of worrying about fulfilling all the tasks of each character that we are unlocking.

Here you do not get experience for killing, but the fact of leveling up falls on a series of missions associated with each character, dungeons or tasks of the inhabitants of this colorful universe. All of these quests give “Nobody” experience so they can level up, while each character’s rank has its own experience bar. And the best of all is that this “farmeo” is much more fun than many RPG discovering what each character is capable of, apart from a series of surprises a few hours later…

DrinkBox had already shown us on video at the end of last year explaining a basic synergy between the Rat and the Horse in relation to a passive ability with poison. It does not matter that there are unique properties in each character, which can modify certain slots to change their attacks for those of other characters, as well as apply up to three additional passive skills.

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Everything in Nobody Saves the World is increscendo

Nobody Saves the World

If it is already surprising for its enormous variety of characters that revolve around that “Nobody” as the starting point for the story, our heads explode when we really discover what it is capable of with all those synergies. Everything is so well measured that it scares. We just have to find what kind of combinations are correct to face previously impossible dungeons.

From hits that deal 9,999 damage to the inability to recover mana by breaking objects or hitting enemies (the standard method for any character), some dungeons will rack our brains until we figure out how to safely deal with them. And here, of course, we must forget any type of prejudice around characters that may seem essentially lazy, because they all have their pros and cons. But the best thing is how they can combine their attacks or abilities with the rest, therein lies their grace.

Have the Slug shoot the Pathfinder’s poison arrows? Of course, why not? By proxy we can even take advantage of the Egg incubator to heal ourselves using the Ghost and incidentally apply light damage to the rest, despite the fact that the nature of that being is the dark element. almost anything goes in Nobody Saves the World and the combinations are practically endless if to the properties of the characters we add another type of extra skills of the always useful merchant.

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In fact, by completing the story and unlocking the inevitable NJ+ we will have no choice but to apply everything we have learned and analyze all those combinations with more care until we find the few correct variables to solve extremely harsh dungeons. And there we are forced more if possible to hot swap characters without creating only one that is off-road. Because there will always be some stick left untouched in relation to a den handicap.

To get to that point there is a long way to go, anyway. A pleasant and challenging path in its proper measure that will never cease to surprise us with the good work of DrinkBox Studios to draw worlds that exude a very special aroma that you want to savor. And of course, as a good RPG that it is deep down, it will not lack endless side missions in charge of the diverse inhabitants of its world. Yes, it is obvious that it is from the Guacamelee studio! for his great sense of humor. And yes, you will sketch more than one smile.

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The first essential indie of this year 2022

Nobody Saves the World

The sympathy of each and every one of its characters, from the first to the last; that so attractive and recognizable design by the Canadian study; or the successful and catchy soundtrack by Jim Guthrie, there is nothing out of tune in Nobody Saves the World and on a personal level I’m glad that Microsoft has reached an agreement with DrinkBox Studios to include it at launch in Xbox GamePass so that more people are encouraged to try it. I have seen more than one colleague who has been captivated by his charm without having him in the spotlight. And I’m not surprised.

Its great asset is that it really cannot be compared to other games. It captures your attention from the moment you transform into a Rat to get out of a dungeon and you see that you can not only transform into a Guard or a Scout afterwards, but also characters that you would never expect in an RPG, like a real mermaid… terrifying deep down. Your progression system is perfect and motivates us to worry about each mission until we get the imposing Dragon.

Because as RPG as it is at heart, it feels completely different. Even his brushstrokes of roguelite In relation to the random design of the dungeons, it keeps us in tension and with the occasional surprise inside.

To put some downside, we should mention the cooperative mode. Or rather the absence of local game, being exclusive online. It doesn’t make much sense knowing that in online co-op the camera is fixed for both people, as if they were playing locally. For the rest, it is a more fun mode if possible by offering more possibilities for synergies. However, the progress is unique to the host and the host’s game is not loaded. The good thing is that we help you advance in the missions dedicated to your characters.

It may be overwhelming at first when the missions of a certain Guild are activated and we begin to fill the tasks with each dungeon and the activities of other regions, all multiplied by those of the characters and their synergies, but it is a feeling that dissipates almost without realizing it while the desire to explore his world is multiplied exponentially by his characters.

Nobody Saves the World

VidaExtra’s opinion

In short, we have no choice but to applaud DrinkBox Studios for making Nobody Saves the World something so refreshing and addictive. As long as you liked the studio’s previous works or sympathized with the RPG genre in its most direct facet, you have a essential that you can not miss.

Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World

platformsXbox Series (reviewed version), Xbox One and Steam
multiplayerYes, online (two players)
developerDrinkBox Studios
CompanyDrinkBox Studios
LaunchJanuary 18, 2022

The best

  • The synergies between all his characters
  • The attractiveness of his world and his secondary
  • Very challenging special dungeons
  • Good and catchy soundtrack


  • That there is no cooperative in local mode
  • Almost no variety of bosses except for the last one