SBC systems have become increasingly popular, especially after the appearance of the Raspberry Pi. These plates offer great versatility and capacity to do different types of tasks. This solution allows to install many GNU / Linux distributions, such as Raspbian OS and also Windows IoT. Now the iRaspbian and Raspbian X projects copy the Windows 10 and macOS interfaces.

This pocket solution has become widely popular and there are many projects to develop. There are many development communities for different solutions for Raspberry Pi SBCs. Now they have developed the Raspbian X operating system, which copies Windows 10 and iRaspbian, which copies the interface of macOS. Logically, the user interfaces emulate both operating systems, they are not an import.

Raspbian X and iRaspbian, the new Linux distributions for Raspberry Pi

Raspbian X and iRaspbian, Debian distributions that mimic Windows 10 and macOS on a Raspberry Pi 4

Raspbian distributions are based on the Debian distribution, which allows you to use Wine, a system that allows you to install Windows software on Linux. In addition, we can also have emulators like Linux x86 Box86 to use x86 desktop software on ARM hardware.

  • iRaspbian: Offers Raspbian with a very similar appearance to that of Apple’s macOS operating system. It has been optimized for use on the Raspberry Pi 4
  • Raspbian X Nighthawk: Simulates the design of Microsoft Windows 10, in case you like the Microsoft distribution. This distribution is also optimized for Raspberry Pi 4

For both cases, the software tools have been included:

  • Retropie, emulator for consoles and retro games
  • Box86, an x86 software emulator for ARM
  • OpenGL
  • Chromium Media Edition
  • Android Mirroring, which allows you to connect an Android smartphone and create a mirror image of what happens on the screen
  • Windows 98 and macOS 9 virtual machines
  • Steam
  • GIMP
  • LibreOffice

You can download these distributions on the official Raspbian-X website (the website does not seem to work at the moment)