There are very useful apps for taking screenshots in Windows, and here are the best ones.

A good app for taking screenshots is a must-have part of your Windows toolkit. Screenshots allow you to capture funny moments, as well as important information or problems with your system that you can capture at the moment.

IF you are looking for a tool to capture the screen of your Windows computer, here we have our selection of options for you. Stay until the end and know the best screen capture applications for Windows.

The basic application: Snipping Tool

If you are from a computer where you cannot download any software or you simply need a basic screen capture application, there are two tools built into Windows that will help you. Snipping Tool, available from Windows 7 onwards, is the classic version with this utility. It allows you to capture images of your screen in various modes, and provides some simple editing tools.

In Windows 10, it is recommended to use the Snip & Annotation app, which is easily accessible. Present certain improvements over the Snipping Tool. If you occasionally take a screenshot, these apps may be enough for you. For frequent use, we recommend that you keep reading to find better options.

The ideal tool for any user: PicPik

An amazing option for anyone who needs more than the Snipping Tool or Snipping and Annotation tool can offer. This is PicPick, a totally free online app for personal use with great capture, editing and sharing functions.

Its interface closely resembles Microsoft Office applications, making it comfortable for anyone who has used the Office suite. It includes different options to capture and edit what you want with minimal effort.

The scrolling window option of this tool allows you to capture images of large web pages all in turn, instead of having to stitch multiple shots together. A really useful feature that is generally limited to premium screenshot apps.

The most powerful application: ShareX

If you’re looking for a screen capture app that does just about everything, Share X is the best option available for Windows. It is completely free and offers an impressive set of features to satisfy every need of its users.

In addition to the usual capture modes, you can choose any application window to capture instantly. It also allows you to take recordings in GIF format, as well as having a scrolling capture function like PicPik.

After taking the shot, it includes an image editor with easy options to blur, highlight, crop, and much more. Not to mention how easy it is to host images in the cloud with ShareX. It is not as clean as PicPick, but it is still quite efficient and easy to use.

The Premium Tool: Snagit

There is nothing better than closing this list with a clasp of time, and what better way to do it than with Snagit, the luxury tool for taking screenshots in Windows. While it is true that its price of $ 50 may seem excessive compared to the free options above, its features make it worth it.

But don’t worry, Snagit offers you a free trial to enjoy its most complete features to capture and edit images on your screen. Its extensive library will allow you to store the captured images and divide them according to the application or website from which they were taken.

Unlike the previous options, Snagit comes with a simplification tool. With this you can remove unnecessary information from a screenshot. Automatically generate shapes and icons using colors extracted from the image. Snagit will save you from trouble, especially if taking screenshots is part of your day-to-day job.