PS5 reseller says “to be creating young entrepreneurs”

PS5 reseller says “to be creating young entrepreneurs”

Since its launch in 2020, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X they became very difficult consoles to get, and not so much because of their price, but because the bots and resellers have monopolized all the units for themselves. One of these resellers, which offers a subscription service to know when there will be restocking of both consoles, says that he is actually “creating young entrepreneurs”.

Jack Bayliss is the creator of Aftermarket Arbitration, a service where users pay £30 a month to find out about console restocks. It currently has 1,500 subscribers, and Bayliss He claims to be earning around £45,000 a month by helping people get certain items wholesale and then reselling them at much higher than the suggested price.

Bayliss knows that this business is quite controversial and is aware of the negative impact it is having on families, but in a recent interview with SkyNews assured that the benefits are greater than the disadvantages.

“Yes, there will be families that have to pay £100 more for one of these consoles, but they are not thinking about our members, they have 30 consoles and they are generating £100 each. They are earning in days what they used to earn in a month.

They are being entrepreneurial, they are stepping out of their comfort zone, they are creating a secondary income, and they are doing something that 90% of the population doesn’t want to do.”


Publisher’s note: It is as if we were saying that those who throw garbage in the street are giving work to the people in charge of cleaning the streets. Bayliss isn’t aware of the real issue here, and is doing her best to look like the hero of this story. Let’s hope that in time he can realize the enormous nonsense he said.

Via: VGC