preview with price, trailer and gaming experience for PC, PS5, Xbox Series and cloud play

preview with price, trailer and gaming experience for PC, PS5, Xbox Series and cloud play

Fashions tend to have an end, but they also tend to be cyclical and from time to time there are some other revival with its tendencies. For example, the rush for new Battle royale has passed away and is now timidly returning to the formula proposed by Valve’s Left 4 Dead a little over a decade ago.

We do not say it only for Back 4 Blood, its spiritual successor, but also for Aliens Fireteam Elite and many others, such as World War Z or the Vermintide of the Warhammer universe. The next game in that vein? Neither more nor less than Ubisoft with a spin-off from Rainbow Six Siege which he has christened as Rainbow Six Extraction. A video game with an emphasis on rapport with the rest of the classmates who are looking for a extreme difficulty, in the vein of GTFO.

If you don’t communicate with your group, you are dead

Rainbow Six Extraction

Thanks to the French company, we had the opportunity to test this new proposal within the R6 universe, which emerged in a limited way. It was four hours too long suffering and fun, with the help of other colleagues in the middle.

From the outset it differs from most of the titles mentioned by reduce the number of players to three per game. And this has a weighty consequence: it makes communication with the other two people vital to be aware of what is happening on the screen, since with the system ping precious seconds of reaction are lost. In addition, we are talking about a game where its aliens can kill us with four or five hits without almost realizing it, so we could introduce the famous Dark Souls meme here …

That it bears the name Rainbow Six is ​​no coincidence, while still being a very tactical game. In addition, there are a good part of the Operators seen in the last installment, each of these agents with their own characteristics in terms of skills or accessories, which translates into innumerable options to face each situation based on the rest of the companions of our squad.

Here it is not worth being the hero and going Rambo plan, because moving away from the group usually translates into certain death as soon as two or three normal aliens get together. And this has a most tragic consequence: the character’s death is (almost) permanent. In this sense, the standard mode of Watch Dogs Legion applies, where an agent suffered severe damage (or was kidnapped) and had to wait until he was recovered with medical treatments or by starting a rescue mission. And it is precisely what happens here, with several nuances.

Rainbow Six Extraction is not generous with medkits, as there are very few scattered on each map. From the outset, it is a differentiating and dissuasive point with respect to the revolutionary shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, where there were kits in each shelter. To this must be added that it is almost impossible to complete a mission without suffering damage, so for the next mission our Operator will be injured and will have less life. And this means? That it is advisable to choose another character until the first one recovers.

Logically, with so many games over four hours we failed miserably in many of the missions, opting in most cases for the basic extraction when completing the first task. And the funny thing is that we felt that we had successfully completed the mission due to the progressive hardness (starting from a demanding starting point) of each area despite being Left 4 Dead veterans.

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Rainbow Six Extraction rewards your risk

Rainbow Six Extraction

Seeing how the game really is, now the name of Rainbow Six Extraction after that initial Rainbow Six Quarantine that was modified by the pandemic that we are suffering. The reason is none other than base your primary goal on extractions. No, a mission is not completed automatically, but to be successful you must extract the Operative afterwards.

Each region has three missions that rotate randomly every time we walk in And here his enormous variety of objectives overwhelms. Be careful, because we are talking about 13 totally different lens types each. It can go from the basics such as hunting down a specific type of alien, going through a more risky one such as extracting said living creature, with what that means: provoking it first to chase us until it is safe to contain it.

The maps are somewhat reduced in size, as a standard Call of Duty map, although they are divided into three parts, one for each objective. If we fulfill the first we can move on to the next area and so on until the third and last, but taking into account that each subsequent objective will increase its difficulty. Hence, if we have suffered to fulfill one, the most advisable thing is to extract the Operators and run away from there to obtain some rewards.

Rainbow Six Extraction

That risk is rewarded if we meet objectives has its consequences if, on the other hand, we fail. And not only in the face of losing an Operative during several games, but also losing experience and therefore level. Yes, we are penalized for failing. Ubisoft Montreal hasn’t beat around the bush on this one shooter cooperative.

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With almost a score of agents available (most to be unlocked through our general progress) it is not easy to find a character that suits our style, in part because we will have to forcefully change with each game as it is inevitable that get hurt. Gridlock, Nomad, Smoke, Ela, Sledge, Alibi, Lion, Vigil, Hibana, Doc, Pulse, Finka … They are old acquaintances from the Rainbow Six universe and each one is adapted to a specific type of class, such as medic, tank, stealth … And both in arsenal and abilities.

Not in vain Rainbow Six Extraction’s story brings these Operators together to contain the chimera parasite, which is back on Earth now affecting the United States region. That is why the REACT (Rainbow Exogenous Analysis & Containment Team) group has been created as a specialized unit to analyze and contain this exogenous threat that responds to the name of archaea.

The problem is that we will face more than a dozen creatures taken from our worst nightmares, leaving the archetypes of the genre in diapers by going much further in terms of bad slime, especially due to the lethality of a large part of these parasites. aliens to be able to easily kill us with three or four blows as soon as we get lost. And let’s not say in hard mode …

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And if you are looking for a more extreme challenge, there will be too

Rainbow Six Extraction

In those four hours of play that Ubisoft gave us with other colleagues in the field, we were able to test several of the regions that will be available in the final version that will be released on January 20 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and cloud play. Each region with three differentiated maps of increasing difficulty, seeing emblematic places of New York, Alaska or San Francisco.

As we advance a few paragraphs further back, the good thing is that we will never know what each game will surprise us with by varying your goals. Perform a biopsy on a parasite, trace all the nests in the area, find and activate three seismic stations in a specific order … Each objective brings a different challenge, one of our favorites being to rescue a VIP trapped watching all the tentacles that have him prisoner while we face several waves of enemies alerted, of course, by our presence.

From the Rainbow Six saga inherits, apart from the tactical spirit, an arsenal at the height where there is no lack of the possibility of building fortifications to wall the accesses through doors or windows … although none is hard enough if there are several arches, of course. And what is the one that got us the most out of our boxes? We hesitate between the elusive and powerful Torment or how much the Impelos take for granted when firing spikes from a distance. Because no, not all archaea attack melee. And yes, there are some that also explode or release poison. Even the most insignificant can disturb our vision or slow us down.

Rainbow Six Extraction

In this sense, it is necessary to pay close attention to the nests, since they release a slimy substance called mucie that hinders our movement. If we attack the nests melee, this substance disappears and no creature will be able to leave the nest, moreover, which is something that the Alpha arches do with too much force … But worst of all, not all arches are vulnerable. to headshots, such as the Mole tank, which is recommended to knock down first and then stab from the back.

The type of Operator we control influences here, since some are ideal against certain archaeans, while others facilitate the task of scanning the area or enjoying extra health charges, which comes in handy in missions of more advanced difficulty. And it goes without saying that if the game is already difficult, those who seek extreme challenges will also obtain it through their endgame.

The Maelstrom protocol is the name of its extreme mode, being a medley of the rest with the aggravation of forcing us to fulfill nine objectives in a row so that the mission is considered successful. Come on, almost all the types of missions that there are, with difficulty that will increase, with less time to fulfill the objective and with scarce resources. Nice outlook, right?

Like GTFO, Rainbow Six Extraction is aimed at a much more demanding type of audience within the shooters cooperatives. And coming from the saga to which it belongs, it makes all the sense in the world that it meets that requirement. So the simple idea of ​​playing with strangers and without communicating on the microphone is doomed to failure. Gather your colleagues with whom you ventilated the Left 4 Dead in the extreme and prepare to suffer like never before.

And with Xbox Game Pass there will be no excuse not to try, at least.

Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe PS5

Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe PS5