We’ve been enjoying the official launch of Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl for a week now, the brand-new fourth-generation remakes that, more than ever, have generated controversy for not being the kind of delivery people wanted. This new release, whose analysis you can read here, has been a work with great fidelity compared to the original games and, although it is a fun and attractive game, it leaves feelings that it could have been a more ambitious project. In addition to that, there have also been problematic changes in the difficulty curve and, above all, in a high amount of bugs and glitches that we did not see from the original Perla and Diamante cartridges, like cloning.

Younger people will not even be familiar with this glitch, but in the past, in the first two editions of Pokémon, especially, you could easily clone pokemon turning off the console in the middle of a save game using the storage PC. In Perla y Diamante, on the other hand, it was cutting the internet connection when we deposited a creature in the GTS. Instead, in Brilliant Diamond and Shimmering Pearl, We can exploit this glitch through the Pokémon warehouse in the nursery, and this is how the user kevinfor5 explains the method.

Of course, it can be dangerous to use this type of glitches in our game, since using them can cause our save to be corrupted and we have to erase the data to start over from the beginning. For that reason, It is not advisable to use this type of cheat to gain an advantage in the game. Each person must be aware of the risk involved in doing so and the consequences that it may entail.

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For the moment, Pokémon has not commented on a possible patch to solve the most recurrent bugs and glitches, such as crashes in collisions, problems with roads that cross at different heights or, in this case, clones in the Pokémon nursery. However, if an update arrives that minimizes this, other aspects such as the mandatory Exp. Share seem more difficult to change, as it is a deliberate decision.

▪ Release date: 11/19/2021