Pamdroid is Android 18 in her Dragon Ball Z cosplay

Pamdroid is Android 18 in her Dragon Ball Z cosplay

No doubt Dragon Ball Z It is still one of the most popular and influential anime for the current generation, which has caused us to continue to see very creative fan art and cosplay several years after its broadcast ended. Among the best cosplays we have seen are those of pamdroida cosplayer who specializes in playing Dragon Ball characters who became the android 18.

The Pamdroid cosplayer has been active on the scene for just over a year, but in this time we have seen her play most of the female Dragon Ball characters, since initially she only played characters from this anime. Although later the cosplayer added variety to her work, she continued to do Dragon Ball cosplays, such as Android 18 that we see below.

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Pamdroid has shown us a few versions of Android 18 in the last year, from one inspired by the classic look with which we met her when she was a villain in Dragon Ball Z to original versions, such as her “Super Android 18” that she published a few days ago. more than a year.

Pamdroid is a cosplayer who does not usually repeat the characters she cosplays, so it is surprising to see that Android 18 is the one she has played the most times. It is clear that Android 18 is the favorite character of this cosplayer, because she does not call herself Pamdroid18 on social networks for nothing.

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If you like Pamdroid’s style for cosplaying, I recommend you take a look at their social networks, especially if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Z, since they’ve cosplayed almost all of their characters. In addition to the Android 18 cosplay, Pamdroid boasts high-quality work, as we recently saw in her Videl cosplay.