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Not sure what to play? Try Wordle, the latest social media sensation

Not sure what to play?  Try Wordle, the latest social media sensation

You must have seen some strange tweets full of squares.

Surely you have seen in recent days in your social networks different posts with some strange colored squares, these are due to the new viral sensation that is triumphing on the internet, called Wordle. If you are curious about what this new viral game is and you have not discovered it yet, do not worry today we will tell you what it is about and we encourage you to try it, maybe you will end up hooked too.

What is it Wordle? A game created by the software engineer Josh wardle and that saw the light last October, but that until now has not been when it has reached its greatest boom. If he English It is not a problem for you, you can play this game, although you can only play one game a day, we will have to leave our desires parked until the next day.

The premise is really simple, we will have to guess a 5 letter word from a list of 2,500 words. And as if it were the hanged man we will have only six attempts until we can find out. As we have mentioned before, the game is made up of colored squares, these colors will change color once we enter a letter and it is correct, each time we enter a word, we will consume one attempt.

You also have to take into account the letter position, since it will serve as a clue to find out the final word. If we can guess the position of the letter, the box will turn color green, while if we get the letter right the color will change when yellow. A really simple game, but that in turn gets you hooked for this very reason. If you would like to try this game, but English is a problem, don’t worry as there is another version in Spanish.

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Did you know about this new game? Are you going to discover the hidden word?

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