no money and digital operations, users rage

no money and digital operations, users rage

The app of BBVA It fell on Tuesday and the fact has become a terrible precedent for the bank, which dominates together with Banco Azteca in digital operations in the country.

The stumbling block that the Spanish institution has registered in its digital service shows how important the digital banking platform is for the consumer and the great debt that exists in the market in terms of operation.

Within an estimate projected by Statista, it was noted at the time that BBVA was together with Azteca Bank Y Bancoppel , the leading institutions in online banking, a segment of great influence, due to the great digitization of the consumer.

After the failure report, the platform has experienced one of the worst scenes in the market and it is the challenge of being able to innovate and do it strategically before the consumer.

We cannot lose sight of the fact that increasingly important tasks have been established in the market, among which those that have to do with the way in which brands seem to become more and more involved with audiences stand out.

BBVA app goes down

No one has taken good the fall of the BBVA App and in social networks the criticisms range from users who claim to be in serious trouble, because they cannot pay the bill at the restaurant, to those who claim that the failures in the application lead more than an hour and they recognize that it is not yet a fortnight for the platform to register inconsistencies.

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All this series of testimonials reveal the enormous challenge that exists today in the digital market, where there is a habit of deactivating cards through an app, making transfers through this platform, in short, a long list of commercial activities that do not they are wasted when being studied.

The serious work that brands have on the doorstep defines a very important work path and it is the one that has to do with the way in which the digital scene is understood and the activities that must be implemented within this medium.

Facing operational failures leads banks to all kinds of challenges, especially communication through social networks, where complaints against the activity of these institutions escalate.

There is no doubt that a very important work resource is established with this, understanding consumption and not only that, defining tasks that are becoming increasingly important to understand in the market.

Faced with these challenges, it is evident that one must work on protocols that define the direction of a brand within social networks, with which without hesitation a new challenge is established in digital marketing, which is not only to respond to the failures reported by consumers , but learn to measure the negative feeling that is triggered in this environment by such activities.

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