• In October, Nintendo will revive some of the classic video games from the n64 console on the Nintendo Switch Online service.
  • It is a strategy that will undoubtedly win over the generation of millennials
  • Through its Nintendo Direct event, the company announced that this new catalog will arrive next October

Nintendo announced that, for next October, it will revive some of the video games on its n64 console within the Nintendo Switch Online service.

There is no doubt that the world of video games is one of the infallible resources to reach consumers and even more so if we add the other powerful resource of nostalgia.

Over the years, for gamers, consoles have become more than just a space to play video games, thanks to their sophistication in each year, they are a great universe of experiences.

That is why consoles such as the PS5 or the Xbox Series, which were launched last year, achieve great success in sales (the PS5 in particular) and, in addition, these will continue to increase, despite the fact that the price of the same is very high.

Nintendo bets on millennials with this strategy

However, in recent years, as a way to reach new consumers and win back the old ones, and, above all, to generate more profits, some consoles of yesteryear but more adapted to modernity have been launched, in cartridges and with a list of video games already installed on it.

This is how the Nintendo models came out in a mini version, a fact that captivated video game fans and console collectors, who could also remember some titles such as Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon II, among others.

Now, as part of its recent event, Nintendo announced that it will revive its n64 console, the one that was very popular with millennials.

The idea is that some of the classic Nintendo 64 video games will reach the Nintendo Switch Online service, for which it will also put on sale the classic controls or controls to make the user experience more pleasant.

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Nintendo’s online service has practically the same operation as those of Play Station and Xbox, the difference is that Nintendo’s is cheaper and, within its catalog, there are video games from its NES and SNES consoles.

Now, to that list of titles are added a few more of the nintendo 64 and, in addition, of Genesis, as part of an expansion pack. That is, to access them, users will have to pay an additional amount.

With this initiative, Nintendo is putting into the pocket a large number of millennials who, in its launch year -in 1996-, did not miss games such as Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Starfox 64, Yoshi’s Story, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Tennis, Dr. Mario 64, Sin and Punishment and WinBack, which will be part of the catalog for Nintendo Switch Online.

For its part, the Genesis titles that will also be included in the already extensive catalog are: Castlevania: Bloodlines, Contra: Hard Corps, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Ecco the Dolphin, Golden Ax, Gunstar Heroes, Musha, Phantasy Star IV , Ristar, Shining Force, Shinobi III, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Streets of Rage, and Strider.

This was announced by Nintendo at its Nintendo Direct event, which took place yesterday, and it is undoubtedly news that will win over the generation of millennials, although, as happened with mini consoles, this strategy will allow Nintendo to reach a new audience of gamers in order to continue positioning its brand among Generation Z.

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