Nintendo registers a new Donkey Kong trademark

Nintendo registers a new Donkey Kong trademark


Throughout these years it has been possible to see how Nintendo has been launching a large number of Own IPs that have conquered the market, highlighting here names like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, among many others.

Nevertheless, the origin of everything we find in Donkey Kongthis being the title that opened the doors not only to the most famous plumber in the world, but also gave us our own saga starring the Nintendo gorilla.

Rumors about a new Donkey Kong game go back a long way

Cover of Donkey Kong Country Returns

Under this premise, it should be noted that We haven’t seen a new Donkey Kong game in years.since since Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze was released in 2014 (and later in a version for Nintendo Switch), the gorilla has not been seen again, causing many to demand a new adventure with Donkey Kong.

Given this, we may not have to wait too long, as Nintendo fans have recently discovered that Donkey Kong trademark has been renewedthereby giving rise to many relating it to a new announcement, since in the registry mention is made of downloadable software on portable consolesthis being something that fits the description of Nintendo Switch.

For all that has been said, it will be necessary to see if we finally see something of Donkey Kong in the rest of the generation, since the rumors around a 2D Donkey Kong developed by the Super Mario Odyssey team has been much rumored during these months, at the same time that Retro Studios could close his trilogy.

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Be that as it may, we will have to be patient to know more about it. Having said all this, we are waiting for you Nintendo gives more news about the titles that arrive in 2023since once Pokémon Purple and Pokémon Scarlet are released on November 18, the calendar will be empty.

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