Nine ways to take advantage of pumpkin seeds or seeds in the kitchen (and many recipes to enjoy them)

Nine ways to take advantage of pumpkin seeds or seeds in the kitchen (and many recipes to enjoy them)

When the pumpkin is at its best it is also the occasion to remember that practically everything is used from this vegetable, seeds included. In addition to those that we can buy all year round ready to eat and use, we can take advantage of those that we remove from the pumpkins that we prepare at home, as they have many uses in the kitchen.

The format snack As such, roasted and salted, they have long competed in roasting houses and nut stores with sunflower seeds, almost always losing popularity. They are having more travel in recent years seeds that are marketed raw, green in color and more tender, which do not have to be peeled and can be eaten as is or cooked with them.

We will not find these seeds in our pumpkins, since they are obtained from specific varieties, but we can take advantage of the ones we find in our vegetables for practically the same uses. We just have to separate them from the pulp, wash them well to remove the sticky remains of it, and dry them thoroughly.

How to take advantage of pumpkin seeds

1. As a topping or dumplings for soups, creams and dips

Spiced pumpkin and carrot cream.

Raw or lightly toasted, alone or combined with other seeds or nuts, the seeds are a perfect complement to give that crunchier finish to creamy or spoon dishes, especially vegetable purees such as the pumpkin itself.

They’re also a great stumble to top with hummus-like spreads, which can also be made with pumpkin in a more autumn twist. In addition to texture, flavor and color, we will be adding valuable nutrients.

2. Salty and sweet snack or snack

Roasted Pipes

Spiced roasted pumpkin seeds or seeds.

Green commercials can be eaten directly – unless the seller indicates otherwise; if they are bought in bulk, they should be washed- and they will not even have to be peeled, so they are a very practical snacking to go or keep it on hand in the kitchen; always in moderation, as they are very energetic.

On the other hand, homemade seeds are more appreciated if we roast them with salty spices or even with a sweet touch of brown sugar, honey or aromas such as cinnamon, vanilla, orange zest or ginger. They are delicious with curry, and also with a spicy touch.

3. Butter, pate or vegetable cream


Pumpkin and sunflower seed pesto.

All seeds can be used like nuts, that is, crushing them thoroughly alone or with other ingredients to extract their fat and obtain nutritious vegetable patés or creams, similar to tahini or sesame tahina.

We will need a good food processor or mixer very powerful and some patience, and we can always add a little olive or sunflower oil, or combine them with peanut butter, tahini, etc. The technique is similar to the preparation of a pesto, and thus we can leave the cream softer or with texture.

4. Complement of yogurt, smoothie bowl or porridge

A healthy and nutritious breakfast or snack can simply consist of combining plain yogurt with fresh fruit, nuts and some seeds to taste. The formula of possible ingredients is infinite and only depends on our taste, energy needs or what we have in the pantry.

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This app like topping can be extended to similar preparations such as a smoothie bowl, porridge or oatmeal porridge, chia pudding, whole grains, cottage cheese or cottage cheese, etc.

5. In bakery and pastry dough


Spelled crackers with seeds.

Raw are a fairly neutral ingredient that adapts well to both recipes for salty breads and crackers as well as sweeter buns, cakes, cookies, muffins or muffins; to any baked dough.

We can incorporate them into the crumb itself, something that works better in the salty bakery if we pre-soak them to make them more tender, or as a topping. In this case it is better to add them raw, so that toast while baking and provide a crisp contrast, preventing them from burning. They are perfect to top some pumpkin muffins or a sponge cake.

6. Milk or vegetable drink

Vegetable milk

It is the same case as the one described with the vegetable creams. If we can make homemade almond milk leaving the dried fruit soaking and crushing it with water, we can also do the same with pumpkin seeds. The technique is the same for all vegetable drinks, and is also based on that of the preparation of tiger nut milk.

Pre-soaking in the case of seeds is more necessary to hydrate them well, All night long; then we will have to discard that water and crush them with about three or four times the volume of the seeds in clean water. Once well crushed, you just have to strain the mixture.

7. Batter or crunchy topping


Lightly toasted or directly raw, chopped pumpkin seeds with a medium thickness will provide a extra crunchy texture to the batter of those foods that we want to fry, cook in a fryer without oil or in the oven. We will only have to play a little by eye, combining them with breadcrumbs or panko, as is usually done with oatmeal or wheat flakes.

Another idea of ​​batter is the mixtures with herbs and spices to wrap soft and creamy cheeses such as goat and serve a rich appetizer.

8. Salad dressing and side dishes


Commercial salad dressing mixes have been a popular and common product in all stores for years. We can do our own formula homemade -sale much cheaper- or simply add the pumpkin seeds that we have at home.

If we also use seeds that we have toasted with spices, we will be adding more flavor to the dish in question. It is an easy and practical way to do tastier and more nutritious salads all year round, and also enrich any garnish or vegetable dish.

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9. Stuffing with meats and vegetables


Baked stuffed pork loin.

More or less chopped nuts are a common component of roast fillings. Pumpkin seeds will go great in our favorite mix, or simply adding a handful to the recipe we are following. May replace expensive pine nuts or give a different touch of flavor, and they also combine very well with stuffed mushrooms and dried fruits such as dates, raisins and dried apricots.

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