Rice is a great source of nutrients, especially provides protein of plant origin and offers vitamins of the B complex, potassium, phosphorus, selenium and magnesium. In addition, it has endless varieties that adapt to different recipes, moments and palates.

Eating rice salad is a wonderful way to add this ingredient to our diet during the day to day. Rice mixed with octopus, salmon, tofu or avocado makes for a flavorful alternative that it is usually easy to transport to the office or on an excursion hand in hand with an airtight container or an electric model. You can sign up on your list of recipes to try these salads proposed by the experts at Directo al Paladar.

Rice salad with salmon and vegetables

The rice is already cooked and the peppers are roasted. With this ready, cook the peas in plenty of boiling salty water, trying to leave them al dente, cooling them quickly with cold water. Wash, peel and chop the carrot into small pieces. Drain the can of salmon and chop the pepper.


Combine the cooked rice with all the ingredients in a bowl, crushing the salmon with a fork. Emulsify the olive oil with a dash of lemon and vinegar with a few rods or a fork, and season to taste. Serve the salad on a bed of green leaves, add lemon zest and dill to taste, and dress when serving.

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Rice salad with roast chicken, asparagus and corn

Rice Salad With Roasted Chicken Asparagus And Corn

We start with a recipe that works perfectly as a single dish, since it is very complete on a nutritional level. At the same time, it is a good companion to baked meats or vegetables, or even as a second course after a hot cream in winter. The mixture of chicken and asparagus is a real pleasure.

Asian tofu, rice and broccoli salad

Asian Tofu Rice and Broccoli Salad

Those who seek a somewhat more “exotic” flavor You can bet on this Asian tofu, rice and broccoli salad. Tofu offers plant-based protein, as does rice, and the two make a combo of ten to complete a vegetarian diet.

Brown rice, melon and sesame salad

Melon and Sesame Brown Rice Salad

Salads that add fruit have that sweet spot that we like so much. This recipe opts for melon, a summer fruit that goes great with sesame. It is an ideal recipe for lovers of fresh combinations.

Seafood salad with rice

Marinera Rice Salad

Lovers of the flavors of the sea may prefer this seafood rice salad. Mussels or cockles add that unmistakable aroma to transport you to your favorite beach Anytime, anywhere.

Rice and Green Bean Salad

Rice and Green Bean Salad

This salad is very easy and quick to make, and it is also a very healthy option. Being so fresh it turns out great for adding green beans to our diet without even realizing it. If you want you can use this recipe to accompany a white fish.

DM House Large mango wood salad bowl, XXL, 24.5cm Ø x 9.5cm high, finished in natural wax without artificial varnishes.  Handmade, unique style and design.

DM House Large mango wood salad bowl, XXL, 24.5cm Ø x 9.5cm high, finished in natural wax without artificial varnishes. Handmade, unique style and design.

Rice salad with fennel and pickled tuna

Rice Salad with Fennel and Pickled Tuna

Mixing rice and tuna is a classic that many will consider “boring”, but this rice salad with fennel and pickled tuna has come to disprove this idea. Although the name sounds complex, the experts at Directo al Paladar point out that it is an easy recipe suitable for beginners in the kitchen. So brightening your days at the office doesn’t just depend on having high culinary skills.

Mango Avocado Rice Noodle Salad

Rice Noodle Salad with Mango and Avocado

We return to a recipe where the fruit is the protagonist along with the rice. Specifically, we are talking about the sweet mango and the almighty avocado. This salad is great to taste at any time of the year and has a touch orient in its flavor that makes you fall in love.

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Pesto octopus and rice salad

Rice Salad and Octopus with Pesto

As a finishing touch, a salad that will conquer the most demanding palates. This pesto octopus and rice salad asks for “a good octopus, tender and tasty“, to ensure that the result will be as expected.

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