New Elden Ring patch makes Radahn more powerful

New Elden Ring patch makes Radahn more powerful

More than a month has passed since the premiere of Elden Ring and in this time players have been able to explore the huge open world that FromSoftware prepared, with some of the most epic fights they have created. One of these fights is General Radhanwhich became popular for being one of the most difficult bosses until it was nerfed.

As of today a new update arrived at Elden Ring which fixes a bug in patch 1.03, which reduced the power of some General Radahn’s attacks by accident. Although the fans believed that FromSoftware had lowered Radahn’s difficulty because of his fame, we now know that the nerf was actually unintentional. Actually, for a few weeks the Elden Ring players have been asking for Radahn to be made stronger.

The Elden Ring upgrade increases the power of General Radahn.

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The update is live now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PlayStation 5, and Steam, so no matter what platform you play on, you can now face Radahn in all his glory. Although the fight against Radahn is one of the most difficult in the Elden Ring, it is also one of the most epic and rewarding to overcome.

Though not long in the making, Elden Ring is already FromSoftware’s most successful launch game, far exceeding expectations by selling over 12 million units in less than a month. Thanks to this success, Bandai Namco has said that it will expand Elden Ring beyond video games.

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In my review of Elden Ring I said that it was everything we could expect from an open world game from FromSoftware, as we encountered an epic fight at every turn and General Radahn’s is one of them. Many players took advantage of the fact that Radahn had been nerfed to finally be able to defeat him, but as of today the suffering returns for his new challengers.